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What RU Listening 2

Date: 04.03.04
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Cincinnati Citybeat
Dulli picks his latest listens.

Mark Lanegan -- Bubblegum
One of my favorite singers and dearest friends made the best record of his life. I listen to it every day and cry like a baby.

Fela Kuti -- The Best Best of Fela Kuti
The undisputed master of African Funk. I bow before him.

Skip James -- Hard Time Killing Floor
A voice like no other. A ghost from another universe.

Hans Zimmer -- The Thin Red Line Soundtrack
I started listening to this again recently, and it has such transcendent beauty that I think it should be required listening for all manic/clinical depressives.

Martina Topley-Bird -- Quixotic
One of the best records in recent memory. I've been listening to it for a year now. No end in sight.

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