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Twilight - Toronto Sun

Date: 09.09.00
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In the Twilight
By KIERAN GRANT -- Toronto Sun

Twilight, out Tuesday, is the disturbed soul exercise that smoky-voiced, fedora-sportin' Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli has been threatening to carry out since the early '90s. But the album's predictability ends there.

 No mere side-project, The Twilight Singers come on like the Whig's out-of-control id, replacing the latter band's epic guitar bombast and psychosexual drama with murky electro-funk and psychosexual drama.

 The stalking, sultry serenades and heartbeat-paced beats and string passages do echo the Whigs' more low-key passages on Black Love and 1965, but Dulli has wisely given them a life of their own. British conspirators Steve Cobby and Dave McSherry -- who trade under the name Fila Brazillia -- Pigeonhed's Shawn Smith, and sometime Whigs keyboardist and Howlin' Maggie frontman Harold Chichester offer musical depth to the singer's already ample emoting.

 Rather than use The Twilight Singers as a platform to indulge his Curtis Mayfield fantasies, Dulli puts in an understated vocal performance that -- despite sounding oddly like Roger Waters circa The Wall at times -- might be his best since the Whigs' 1994 showstopper Gentlemen.

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