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Black Love - USA Today

Date: 03.26.96
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3 1/2 out of 4 Stars

Though not as grand as 1993's tower-of-dour Gentlemen, the Whigs' solid sixth album outclasses much of the current whine-'n'-grind competition in both emotional honesty and musical ambition. The under-appreciated foursome has created a sly concept album without pretensions or theatrical cheesiness.

Highlights are its opening and closing acts, the ferocious "Crime Scene Part One" and the despairing, lengthy "Faded", in which singer Greg Dulli's anguished moan is underscored by lulling piano and cello. Dulli's frayed vocals and bracing lyrics drive such incendiary assaults as "Going to Town", but his bandmates pull equal weight, especially in the stunning, Who-like "Summer's Kiss" and funky, string-laden "Blame, Etc."

Edna Gundersen

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