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Blackberry Belle - Loaded Magazine

Date: 10.27.03
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Four Stars

Sounds like: Trouble - causes and consequences.

You always know what the score is with Twilight Singers' Greg Dulli. He's
either doing something highly irresponsible that can only lead to trouble
(see the naughty youngster asking Greg if he wants to 'go for a riiiide' in
Teenage Wristband'), or getting all upset when he finds himself in exactly
that there trouble (hear the classic Dulli distress call in 'The Killer').
Blackberry Belle is the most rounded album of ex-Afghan Whigsman Dulli's
career and there's no dip at all in the quality of the goods. As ever, the
man's a genius.

Sample lyric: 'She knows I'm one of those sad boys / Who's hypnotised by
girls who walk the walk.'

Better than: Anything that's been on an NME cover in the last 12 months.

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