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The Last Word

Greg Dulli interview in Rocksound magazine by Darren Taylor Click the thumbnail image to view the interview as it originally appeared in the magazine.

The Skinny: Dulli Interview

The Skinny – Written by Dave Kerr “I make most of my records rather selfishly, they’re done for me by me. That someone else would like it is just a bonus” “Narcissism isn’t always bad, bro”, Ohioan soul rocker Greg Dulli cautions The Skinny. KanYe West he is not, but Dulli acknowledges the tricky dichotomy of ego and introspection he treads; essential components to the success of the self referential poetry he has pushed over the years. Fundamentally heralded as something of a vanity project,…

Greg Dulli salutes New Orleans on ‘Powder Burns’

Monsters and Critics – By John Benson CLEVELAND _ Returning to his home in a post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, Greg Dulli soldiered on last fall to finish recording a new Twilight Singers album, ‘Powder Burns.’ As previously reported, the set is due May 16 via One Little Indian. The former Afghan Whigs frontman says ‘Powder Burns’ is an album based around his own personal struggles with addiction combined with the external conditions of the Big Easy. ‘There is probably a conscious and subconscious influence based…

GD Whisperin’ & Hollerin’ Interview

Article Link It’s one of those old music industry clichés that you’re supposed to do your best work at the beginning of your career, when you’re still young, hungry and allegedly principled. Clearly, though, everyone was too scared to tell GREG DULLI, because the former Afghan Whigs frontman and now TWILIGHT SINGERS’ prime mover just gets better and better. Greg’s new album, the cauterising “Powder Burns” (out in May 2006 on One Little Indian) is yet another smouldering meisterwork full of both vicious guitars and…

Rhino – The Scene 3/11/06 Review

by E.C. Gladstone  – Link The Afghan Whigs were always an anomaly in the grunge rock era. The first band signed to SubPop from outside of the Northwest "scene," they were also virtually the only group among their peers to express any level of articulate sensitivity—as well as caddishness—in short, complex emotions. Their success was probably limited, in retrospect, by something of a creative identity crisis (rock? soul? post-punk? classic?) as well as often being simply too hip for the room, and trying on too…

Billboard: Singers Return in May

Dulli’s Twilight Singers Return In May Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Rolling Stone : Twilight Singers Cut CD in N.O.

Rolling Stone : Twilight Singers Cut CD in N.O. Greg Dulli’s band finished album in Katrina’s wake, with little power or water STEVE BALTIN

Lost Albums

Illinois Entertainer Cover Story: Lost Albums Dulli-related Excerpt: Reality often provides marvelous scenarios that outstrip fantasy. Former Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli had successfully began a “solo” career fronting The Twilight Singers when tragedy befell his second album, even though an integral band member wasn’t involved. “What was once my favorite thing to do became kind of a drag,” he says. “So I quit for a couple years.” Turns out his partner in crime, film director Ted Demme, would provide too detailed a mirror….

Magnet Featured Artist

MAGNET Featured Artist: Greg Dulli by Matt Ryan

Dulli Goes Direct to Indie Stores Former Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli has experienced life on an indie label and life on a major. Now he is finding that an artist may not need a label at all. Dulli is not the first major-label alumnus to go it alone; it is not uncommon for an artist to take his wares straight to a distributor. But Dulli, with the help of manager Brian McPherson, skipped that step, too, and went straight to independent retailers. As previously reported, the album “Amber Headlights”…

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