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Notorious W.H.I.G.S.

A Rock Band with a Lot of Personality by Jon Wiederhorn Entertainment Weekly

Heart of the Betrayer

Seattle Stranger In 1992 a book called “My Enemy My Love: Man-Hating and Ambivalence in Womens Lives”, Judith Levine wrote about cultural stereotypes of maleness. “Gender stereotypes enforce a cultural status quo,” she wrote, and it’s in the interest of maintaining this status quo that we imagine men posses in their DNA “the ability to drive a nail… or the willingness to kill.” Levine traced three overarching male types: There was the Infant, who will always be a child and needs a mothering wife to…

London Bar Fight

Melody Maker Afghan Whigs singer Greg Dulli came away from a fight in a London hotel last Tuesday night (Feb. 6) with the spectacular black eye pictured above. “You should see the other guy,” he told the Maker’s David Bennun. “I got into it with an Irish guy. He was disrespecting some women in the bar and I told him to apologize. He told me to fuck off. I told him to fuck off. He punched me and I picked up a chair and I…

Love Like Gentlemen

Melody Maker Afghan Whigs have completed their new album, “Black Love” , which is scheduled for release by Mute in March. The album – described by the Maker’s David Bennun as being very much in the same vein as the “Gentlemen” LP, – will be proceeded by a single, which is still to be chosen.

Whigs Get Soulful on new LP

Rolling Stone 11/06/95 Joe Pixie is pissed, two feet tall, with a voice like a pubescent munchkin, he has been phoning around local fastfood joints trying to get a job. He never gets one. “It’s because my voice is funny, isn’t it?” he says. “But if you don’t give me a job , I’m gonna crawl up your leg and kick your ass, motherfucker.” Afghan Whigs are relaxing in a Seattle studio, listening to crank-call cassettes, and Joe Pixie, a Southern gent with a varispeed…

RS Greg Interview

Greg Dulli’s lyrics indicate that he has, perhaps, Some Issues. The singer for Afghan Whigs often chronicles the bombed-out terrain of relationships gone wrong (singing unapologetically, even with gusto, lines like “Ladies, let me tell you about myself/ I got a dick for a brain/ And my brain is gonna sell my ass to you, ” off of 1993’s corrosive yet very soulful masterwork Gentlemen. Still, Dulli’s mesmerizing stage presence stirs the womanhood of many a female fan. Earlier this year he turned in a…

Convulsion Mag

Convulsion #4 From

Whigging Out

Details // The Afghan Whigs have made a career out of confrontation, failed love affairs, and loud guitars. Jason Cohen joins their traveling circus of maladjustment in Germany.

RS Concert Review

Washington 9:30 Club, April 10, 1994

Ladies and…Gentlemen

Moo Magazine In the span of a couple of years, Cincinnati’s Afghan Whigs has gone from being just another scruffy little Sub Pop band to a fast-rising major label force (and we can remember seeing the group play Apollo’s in Columbus while we wolfed down gyros.) We conned Scrawl’s Sue Harshe into talking to her old pal, John Curley (Whigsbassist), so she could pin him down on subjects such as fame, fortune, and network talk show food buffets.

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