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Sister Brother

Sister Brother (Dulli) Hey Cuz (Dulli) Recorded: July 1990 Released: October 1990

Up In It

Retarded (Dulli/McCollum) White Trash Party (Dulli/McCollum/Curley) Hated (Dulli/McCollum) Southpaw (Dulli) Amphetamines And Coffee (Kopasz) Now We Can Begin (Dulli/McCollum) You My Flower (Dulli) Son Of The South (Dulli) I Know Your Little Secret (Dulli) Recorded: September 1989 Released: April 1, 1990 (USA)

I Am the Sticks

I Am The Sticks (Dulli) White Trash Party (Dulli/McCollum/Curley) Recorded: January 1989 Released: April 1989


Turning In Two (Dulli/McCollum) I Am The Sticks (Dulli) Ciaphas (Dulli) Southpaw (Dulli) King Of Millville (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Earle) Butterflies I Know Your Little Secret (Dulli) All Is Not Lost Recorded: January 1989 (?)

Where The Hell Are The Good Scissors?

King Of Millville (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Earle) Recorded: April-September 1987 (?) Released: 1989

Big Top Halloween

1. Here Comes Jesus (Dulli/Curley) 2. In My Town (Dulli) 3. Priscilla’s Wedding Day (Dulli) 4. Push (Dulli/McCollum) 5. Scream (Dulli/McCollum) 6. But Listen (Dulli/McCollum) 7. Big Top Halloween (Dulli) 8. Life In A Day (Dulli) 9. Sammy (Dulli/Curley/Earle) 10. Doughball (Dulli/McCollum/Curley) 11. Back O’ The Line (Dulli) 12. Greek Is Extra (Dulli/McCollum) Recorded: April-September 1987 Released: 1988

Big Top Halloween Sessions

In My Town (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Earle) Priscilla’s Wedding Day (Dulli) Push (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Earle) Life In A Day (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Earle) Doughball (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Earle) Untitled #1 Untitled #2 Untitled #3 Recorded: April-September 1987

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