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Somethin’ Hot (US Radio)

Somethin’ Hot (Radio Remix) (Dulli) Somethin’ Hot (Album Version) (Dulli) Somethin’ Hot (Callout Hook #1) (Dulli) Somethin’ Hot (Callout Hook #2) (Dulli) Recorded: Spring 1998 Released: October 1998

Somethin’ Hot (Austrian Promo)

Somethin’ Hot (Album Version) (Dulli) Recorded: Spring 1998 Released: October 1998


Somethin’ Hot (Dulli) Crazy (Dulli) Uptown Again (Dulli) Sweet Son Of A Bitch (Dulli) 66 (Dulli) Citi Soleil (Dulli) John The Baptist (Dulli) The Slide Song (Dulli/McCollum) Neglekted (Dulli/McCollum) Omerta (Dulli/McCollum) The Vampire Lanois (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Horrigan) Recorded: Spring 1998 Released: October 13, 1998 (Europe), October 27, 1998 (USA)


Somethin’ Hot (Dulli) Uptown Again (Dulli) Going To Town* (Dulli) Blame, Etc.* (Dulli) Gentlemen° (Dulli) Debonair° (Dulli) What Jail Is Like° (Dulli) Conjure Me*° (Dulli/McCollum/Curley/Earle) Recorded: Spring 1998/* August-September 1995/° May-June 1993/*° July-August 1991 Released: September/October 1998

Live At Howlin’ Wolf

If There’s Hell Below (We’re All Going To Go) (Mayfield) Blame, Etc. (Dulli) Superstition/Going To Town (Wonder/Dulli) Debonair (Dulli) Recorded: November 27, 1997 Released: 1998

Going to Town

Going To Town (Dulli) Going To Town (Live)* (Dulli) You’ve Changed (Carey/Fisher) I Want To Go To Sleep (Chichester) Moon River (Mancini/Mercer) Recorded: August-September 1995/* June 2, 1996 Released: July 1996

Bonnie & Clyde EP

Going to Town (Dulli) Creep (Austin) If I Only Had A Heart (Arlen/Harburg) You’ve Changed (Carey/Fisher) I Want to Go to Sleep (Chichester) Recorded: August-September 1995 Released: July 1996

Going to Town (US Promo)

Going To Town (Dulli) Recorded: August/September 1995 Released: April 1996

Black Love

Crime Scene Part One (Dulli) My Enemy (Dulli) Double Day (Dulli/McCollum) Blame, Etc. (Dulli) Step Into The Light (Dulli) Going To Town (Dulli) Honky’s Ladder (Dulli) Night By Candlelight (Dulli) Bulletproof (Dulli) Summer’s Kiss (Dulli) Faded (Dulli) Recorded: August-September 1995 Released: March 8, 1996 (Europe), March 11, 1996 (UK)

Honky’s Ladder EP

Honky’s Ladder (Edit) (Dulli) Blame, Etc. (Dulli) If I Only Had A Heart (Arlen/Harburg) Creep (Austin) Honky’s Ladder (Album Version) (Dulli) Recorded: August/September 1995 Released: February 19, 1996

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