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She Loves You

Date: 08.24.04
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1-feeling of gaze
2-too tough to die
4-strange fruit
5-what makes you think you're the one
6-real love
7-hard time killing floor
8-a love supreme
9-please stay
10-black is the color of my true love's hair

Released Aug 24, 2004
One Little Indian OLI 426

LP (Vinyl) Release Jan 24, 2005
Uncensored photo cover 120 gram virgin vinyl gatefold
Includes unreleased recording of "Her Majesty" by the Beatles
Birdman bmr071
LP Photos/Info

Track Listing

1-feeling of gaze(o'ciosig/sandoval)*
greg dulli-vocals/guitar/piano

2-too tough to die(holmes/topley-bird)*
jon skibic-guitars
scott ford-bass
john nooney-piano
bobby macintyre-drums

mark lanegan-vocals
helen storer-vocals
jon skibic-guitar
dave hillis-guitar
john nooney-keyboards
bobby macintyre-percussion

4-strange fruit(allan)
mark lanegan-vocal
jon skibic-guitar
scott ford-bass
john nooney-piano
bobby macintyre-drums

5-what makes you think you're the one(buckingham)
jon skibic-guitar
michael sullivan-bass
bobby macintyre-drums

6-real love(morales/reed)
jon skibic-guitar/lapsteel
michael sullivan-bass
bobby macintyre-drums
joshua blanchard-loops

7-hard time killing floor(james)
mark lanegan-vocals
jesse tobias-dobro

8-a love supreme(coltrane)
mark lanegan-vocals
jon skibic-guitars
scott ford-bass
john nooney-rhodes
bobby macintyre-drums

9-please stay(once you go away)(gaye/townsend)
jon skibic-guitars
scott ford-bass
john nooney-rhodes
bobby macintyre-drums
joshua blanchard-loops

10-black is the color of my true love's hair(traditional/arranged by dulli)**
molly maguire-vocals
jon skibic-guitar
scott ford-bass
mathias schneeberger-rhodes
brian young-drums

manuel agnelli-guitar

Liner Notes

produced by greg dulli
black is the color of my true love's hair/produced by smash and dash
and summertime/produced by greg dulli and manuel agnelli

shot on location in los angeles, pasadena and catania
recorded by dave hillis, joshua blanchard and eric weaver
black is the color of my true love's hair/recorded by mathias schneeberger
and summertime/recorded by corrado smriglio and giusy passalacqua

mixed by eric weaver, joshua blanchard and angel fernandez
except * by dave hillis and angel Fernandez
and ** by smash and dash
and *** by daniele grasso, manuel agnelli and rodrigo obregon

mastered by peter doell at universal/north hollywood
mark lanegan appears courtesy of beggars banquet records
brian young appears courtesy of s-curve records
manuel agnelli appears coutesy of mescal/italia

direzione: charlie inskip and brian mcpherson

fotografia: brooke williams

consigliere: cesare zappala

tesoro: erminia russo

nan lanigan, lia sweet, celia hirschman, sabrina scolaro, howard wuelfing, caroline robbins, david katznelson, scotty haulter, joe zavaglia, steve butler, todd kasten, larry palm, charlie myatt, steve ferguson, lee heidel, cathy gargiulo, dave neupert , michelle curley, dave davis, ginger nance, joe shanahan, kenny macpherson, chris cuffaro and derek birkett.

con tanto amore-

Comment on "She Loves You"

jennifer Says:

how 'bout some lyrics from "She Loves You"
i love the site - loved the Whigs - glad i get to hear Dulli's soulful voice again ~

Posted: August 28, 2004 09:33 PM

albert Says:

Hi my name is albert encontre one of his(her,your) songs in a cd of magazines but it(he,she) wanted to know mas of you I believe that they are a very underground group and for what I see they have time but lamentably ningun video and want see the letters of his(her,your) songs since I am not thinking about finding his(her,your) original cd please answer me

Posted: September 2, 2004 06:44 PM

Scotty Love Says:

Jennifer, for this album, I think the best way to find the lyrics is looking up the original artists of the songs online. I'm pretty sure most of the lyrics can be found that way.

Posted: September 3, 2004 01:21 PM

esplanade Says:

I'm an italian fan of Greg Dulli. He's a great man and a great musician. The album "She Loves You" is amazing and i like it also because there's the collaboration of Manuel Agnelli (Afterhours' frontman). Greg+Manuel= HEAVEN!!!

Posted: October 8, 2004 05:19 AM

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