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Afghan Whigs – “Matamoros” Video

You can now watch The Afghan Whigs’ latest video for “Matamoros,” the second single from the band’s critically acclaimed album Do to the Beast.

“Matamoros” on Late Show

The Afghan Whigs performed “Matamoros” from Do to the Beast on Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

Afghan Whigs on Later with Jools Holland

Watch The Afghan Whigs on Later with Jools Holland. Broadcast date: May 6, 2014.



Rolling Stone Baseball: Best Baseball Movie

Week three of Rolling Stone’s Baseball Panel asks the question: What is the best baseball movie? Read all the responses Greg Dulli’s response: The Bad News Bears. I read once where someone called it the Casablanca of kids movies, and I agree. It’s quotable and the character interaction is memorable because it’s so well written. One of Walter Matthau’s finest moments as an actor and Tatum O’Neal and Jackie Earle Haley are wise beyond their years. Vic Morrow is fantastic as the antagonistic asshole Yankees…


Rolling Stone Baseball: Fantasy Commissioner

Week 2 of Rolling Stone’s “High and Tight” baseball roundtable is online. Greg Dulli contributed the following as an answer to: What are the three things you’d do if you were the commissioner of Major League Baseball for a day? 1. No batting gloves. I’m tired of watching guys fiddle with their gloves between every pitch. It makes the game longer than I need to be there. Toughen up your sissy hands and play baseball. Vlad Guerrero doesn’t need batting gloves and neither do you….

The Afghan Whigs to Play Lollapalooza 2012

The 2012 lineup of Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival will include a performance by The Afghan Whigs. The festival is August 3-5 in Grant Park. The performance times will be released in June. Cincinnati Citybeat’s Reaction

Dulli in Rolling Stone’s Baseball Expert Panel

Celebrating the “rock & roll” beneath baseball’s staid exterior, Rolling Stone presents a weekly baseball roundtable with eleven musicians that also happen to be die-hard baseball fans. Greg Dulli of The Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers is a featured panelist. View Greg Dulli’s Card Walk-Up Song: “Night Prowler” by AC/DC. “It has the strut and proper menace of a classic entrance song. Plus, its slinky groove allows you to warm up without breaking a sweat. I would also wear the pentagram necklace that Bon Scott…

Entertainment Weekly: Dulli on ATP, New Music

Read the article at Entertainment Weekly “Curator” is sort of an amazing title. How did you approach it? I had crazy lists: Reincarnate Elvis Presley. Reincarnate John Lennon and George Harrison, and put Beatles back together. I just made a list of things that I like and I wanted to see and tried to balance styles.

McKagan Cites Gutter Twins as “One of the Best”

In his column for, former Guns N’ Roses bassist and current Loaded leader Duff McKagan cites The Gutter Twins as “maybe one of the best live bands to tour … ever”. Read McKagan’s review of Mark Lanegan’s “Blues Funeral”

Greg Dulli Talks Whigs Reunion with Rolling Stone

Read the full interview at Rolling Stone On playing Afghan Whigs songs again for the first time in a decade: “Playing something I had frankly forgotten about was completely like rediscovering the songs,” he tells Rolling Stone. “It was like cleaning out your drawer or a closet – ‘Oh, look at this, I remember this. I used to love to wear this.’ It was sort of like that. There were certain songs I was overjoyed to meet again.” Dulli also mentioned a planned electronic album…

Afghan Whigs Add Two More Festivals to 2012 Tour

The Afghan Whigs have been confirmed for the Oya Festival in Oslo (Aug 9) and Way Out West Festival in Göteborg.

Full Greg Dulli Interview at The Quietus

More from Greg Dulli at The Quietus. He discusses the upcoming reunion shows as well as shedding some light on previous adventures. My motivation is to sing these songs with my old friends. I went to see Buffalo Springfield last spring, and the joy on their faces… I toured with Neil Young, a long time ago, with the Whigs, and I watched a guy who’s playing with his old friends and just having the best time. They really enjoyed being onstage together. There’ve been little…

Afghan Whigs Add Six New Reunion Shows

The Afghan Whigs have added the following shows to their 2012 calendar: 05/26/12 Landgraaf Pinkpop Festival [tickets] 06/11/12 Luxembourg Den Atelier [tickets] 06/12/12 Amsterdam Paradiso [tickets] 06/13/12 Brussels Cirque Royale [tickets] 06/15/12 Tel Aviv Barby [tickets] 08/11/12 Rees-Haldern Haldern Pop Festival SOLD OUT

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