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Twilight - Live! Retail DVD Out Today

Date: 01.31.06
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twilight-live-retail-bootleg.jpgPick up the retail version of the "Twilight - Live!" DVD in stores today. This is the same show as the Newport Kentucky DVD sold by the band on their website but in a different package.

Get it at:
Barnes and Noble
CD Connection
Amazon (no 'add to cart' link yet)

Here's the track listing if you missed it before:
1. Decatur Street
2. Too Tough To Die
3. That's Just How That Bird Sings
4. King Only
5. Esta Noche
6. Teenage Wristband
7. The Twilite Kid
8. All You Need Is Love/Love
9. Annie Mae
10. Martin Eden
11. Papillon
12. Stranglehold

Encore 1:
1. Dancing Queen
2. The Killer
3. Roses

Encore 2:
1. My Curse (w/ John Curley on Bass)
2. Don't Fear The Reaper/Uptown Again
3. Somethin' Hot
4. Faded

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