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Date: 07.11.04
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Show begins tonight at 10. Warm up at 9:30. The show is limited to 50 streams, so that we can work out any kinks.

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Update 1: So, things are a bit choppy, right now. I'm going to restart the server, and see if that helps...

Update 2: I've reduced the stream quality, and a few of you are maintaining connections; but only about 12 or so. This may be our only option for now...

Update 3: The verdict is that this is a bandwidth issue. The show tonight will go on as planned (albeit at a lower quality, and to fewer listeners, than I'd like). Next time, we'll get a beefier server.

We're Having a Party - Live w/ Roderick Paulin
Psychedelic Shack - WVXU Radio
Cloudbusting - XFM
Jay Z vs. Greg Dulli
Citi Soleil - 9/4/99 NOLA
Butterflies - Jugula
Black Love/The Killer - BBC 2004
I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man - 11/22/98 DC

Total of 201 unique attempted users. Not too shabby. If only you got to hear the show! Next time...

Next Show: The History of "My Curse"

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