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Dulli/Jeff Klein Update

Date: 02.12.05
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Back in November, we found out that Greg Dulli would be producing the new Jeff Klein album. Now, we have some more info.

June will see the release both stateside and internationally of Jeff Klein's new album The Hustler. Recorded in NOLA, the album contains 12 songs and features Jeff along with help from the albums' producers Greg Dulli & Mike Napolitano,as well as Dave Pirner, Ani Difranco, JJ Johnson, Jacob Shultze, Manuell Agnelli, Dave Rosser, Steve's Royal Inn Orchestra, the Honorary Title, Yanti Turang, Scott Bennett, and more. Stay tuned for more information including sound clips, a full new website, and official release information.

Thanks to JB for pointing us to Klein's website.

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