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CD101 Broadcast

Date: 04.05.04
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The Twilight Singers performed an acoustic set on The Big Room (or, as Greg suggested, "The Bigger Than Your Office Room") for CD101 in Columbus today.

The set:
Teenage Wristband
Hyperballad (Bjork)

Dulli also answered a few questions sent in from listeners. The questions and abbreviated answers were:

Jill in Fairfield - What do you get the most pleasure of, being a musician?
"It's perk city"

Anthony - What's the band's position on downloading and bottlegging?
"If you want some apples, go up and make a deal with the apple tree owner."
"Unless it's Cheap Trick at Budokan, I don't need to hear it all over again."

Michael - Will the Reds contend for a playoff position this year?
"No. 2009."

Tammy - Blackberry and Black Love feel like a movie script. Were you influenced by Demme, or is this style a holdover from the Whigs? How much of your life is reflected in your music?
"Unfortunately most of it. (joking)"
"Having a beginning, middle, and an end is kind of important to me."

Other tidbits - Gutter Twins record almost finished. Covers album almost finished. First time the band has gigged acoustic.

Hearing the songs acoustic was a nice change. The arrangements were shifted to highlight the subtleties in the songs. Fantastic.

-- Thanks, Ross

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