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Bonnie Brae at Pitchfork

Date: 03.27.06
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Pitchfork Gives Bonnie Brae 4 Stars

Greg Dulli's been singing this song for years: relatively subdued verse, stormy chorus, gradual build across the bridge to a big climax. There's nothing on "Bonnie Brae" we haven't heard before on songs like "John the Baptist" and "Teenage Wristband", but I'm not sure I've heard Dulli do it so well and so effortlessly. A simple guitar line battens down the intro, seemingly unspectacular, but it repeats throughout the song until it has grown insistent and insinuating. That guitar adds a stoic air to Dulli's conflicted lyrics and unreserved vocals, both of which are strong enough to make the word "indubitably" sound perfectly apt at the climax. Reportedly written in New Orleans immediately following Hurricane Katrina, and featuring backing vocals by Ani DiFranco, "Bonnie Brae" sounds like Dulli is weathering the storm and emerging stronger on the other side. [Stephen M. Deusner]

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