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Date: 09.04.99
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City: New Orleans, LA, USA
Venue: Shim Sham
Aud: 109 min (complete)
Notes: Full horns section

Soundcheck (not recorded):
01. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
02. John The Baptist

01. Crazy (slow version, vocals Steve Meyer)
02. Somethin' Hot
03. Crazy
04. If I Were Going
05. Debonair
06. King Only
07. John The Baptist
08. Blame, Etc.
09. Superstition/Going To Town
10. Uptown Again
11. Come See About Me
12. Neglekted
13. 66/Little Red Corvette
14. When We Two Parted
15. Citi Soleil
16. Faded
17. Fountain And Fairfax
18. Omerta/The Vampire Lanois
19. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (vocals Steve Meyer)

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