Heart of the Betrayer

Seattle Stranger In 1992 a book called “My Enemy My Love: Man-Hating and Ambivalence in Womens Lives”, Judith Levine wrote about cultural stereotypes of maleness. “Gender stereotypes enforce a cultural status quo,” she wrote, and it’s in the interest of maintaining this status quo that we imagine men posses in their DNA “the ability to drive a nail… or the willingness to kill.” Levine traced three overarching male types: There was the Infant, who will always be a child and needs a mothering wife to…

Honky’s Ladder EP

Honky’s Ladder (Edit) (Dulli) Blame, Etc. (Dulli) If I Only Had A Heart (Arlen/Harburg) Creep (Austin) Honky’s Ladder (Album Version) (Dulli) Recorded: August/September 1995 Released: February 19, 1996

London Bar Fight

Melody Maker Afghan Whigs singer Greg Dulli came away from a fight in a London hotel last Tuesday night (Feb. 6) with the spectacular black eye pictured above. “You should see the other guy,” he told the Maker’s David Bennun. “I got into it with an Irish guy. He was disrespecting some women in the bar and I told him to apologize. He told me to fuck off. I told him to fuck off. He punched me and I picked up a chair and I…

Beautiful Girls Press Kit

Rumor has it that The Afghan Whigs had their genesis when singer-songwriter Greg Dulli and guitarist Rick McCollum became acquainted in an Athens, Ohio jail after a party they were at was raided by the police. The pair later met bassist John Curley, who operated his own studio, Ultrasuede, in Cincinnati.

Can’t Get Enough of Your Love

From the film “Beautiful Girls” Directed by Tim Demme Released 2/9/96

Honky’s Ladder

Directed by Samuel Bayer By far the most dramatic of the Whigs’ videos, Samuel Bayer created a church full of pimps and fallen Angels for the band to preach their soul sermon. Samuel Bayer was also the director of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Hole’s “Doll Parts.”

Black Love Press Kit

There are several different flavors of this kit. They all seem to feature the same promo photo, shown below. The paper kit contains a bio and press clippings. Released by Elektra with review copies of Black Love and to select media outlets.

Honky’s Ladder (US Promo)

Honky’s Ladder (Edit) (Dulli) Honky’s Ladder (Album Version) (Dulli) Recorded: August-September 1995 Released: February 1996

Honky’s Ladder (UK Promo)

Honky’s Ladder (Edit) (Dulli) Blame, Etc. (Dulli) Recorded: August-September 1995 Released: February 1996.

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