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Greg Dulli brings Twilight Singers home

“That Mardi Gras was a pivotal moment in my life, as well as the city’s,” Dulli recalled recently. “It was one of the happiest times of my life in a lot of ways. I wanted to document it.” via

Recent Twilight Singers Tour Press/Radio

Dulli fulfilled my expectations and then some. His obviously renewed health saw him in high spirits and top form; the set moved through an hour and a half without a single hiccup and with wonderful little improv moments and surprises here and there Review of the LA show: “Mellowing out is relative,” he says over the phone from his home in Los Angeles. “I’m still me. I’m just an evolved version of me.” … “There are a couple of smokers on this new record,”…

Dulli sparks Twilight Singers with some ‘Dynamite’

“There are some folks asking me when I’m going to do a solo record and I’m probably closer to that then I’ve ever been. But I don’t know. I just love to make records. And I love to make different kinds of records and have a different experience making them. But if I am going to make a record with just my name on it, standing here in the airport I’m trying to imagine what it would sound like, and I don’t know. And that…

NYC Review – Entertainment Weekly

The songs from the group’s latest effort Dynamite Steps are lovingly constructed in recorded form, but live they took on a whole new dimension. “Last Night in Town” picked up an extra level of menace, while the melody of “The Beginning of the End” really blossomed with the assistance of the top-shelf sound system at the venue. And the set-closing “On the Corner” (which contains some of the most savage lyrics in Dulli’s back catalog) bled menace. Read more at Entertainment Weekly

NYC Review – Newsday

It was a stunning surprise to watch The Twilight Singers express in music the same metaphorical battle for Greg Dulli’s soul that he has been working out in his lyrics and his con-man-with-a-heart-of-gold delivery for decades now. In a 100-minute set distinctly focused on life after sunset and late-night pursuits, the battle played out as clear as day… Read more at (paywall)

Chicago Review – Illinois Entertainer

Over the course of an impressively packed two-hour set, Dulli and his seasoned players brought a raucous live show to the Wrigleyville venue, with moments of sexy serenade slipping between sets of roaring romantic rock. Read more at Illinois Entertainer

Twilight Singers – Product of Many Voices

Chatty and engaging, Dulli doesn’t come across as the tortured soul that some of his past songs suggest. He appears to enjoy being the center of a musical collective that includes a number of musicians whom he seems to both respect professionally and admire personally. Continue Reading at San Jose Mercury News

Brooklyn Vegan Reviews NYC Show

That so many of the characters in Greg Dulli’s songs are met by misfortune (often self-inflicted) and find themselves in questionable circumstances, it was fitting that he and his Twilight Singers rolled into New York City on a Friday the 13th. Though anyone expecting something to go wrong during their feverish 21-song set were left disappointed. Continue reading at Brooklyn Vegan

CityBeat Chats with Greg Dulli

By: Jason Gargano Greg Dulli needs little introduction in these parts, but for those who are somehow not familiar, the now-46-year-old Hamilton native came up as frontman for The Afghan Whigs in late 1980s and exploded out of the local scene via a string of visceral, dark-hued albums (the best of which, 1993’s Gentlemen, continues to grow in stature) that were equally influenced by Husker Du, Prince and moody, noir-infested crime movies. Dulli’s post-Whigs output has been just as compelling, including releases by The…

Greg Dulli’s Five favorite films

By Ryan McNally Vocalist, songwriter and musician Greg Dulli is currently on the road with The Twilight Singers in support of their excellent new album Dynamite Steps. And as I discovered during my recent interview with Dulli, he’s a huge movie fan who frequently passes the time on the tour bus after shows by catching up on some films. On the eve of the Twilight Singers’ May 5 Atlanta show at the Masquerade, I asked Dulli to tell me about his all-time favorite movies,…

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