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Dynamite Steps – Popdose I know it’s early in 2011, but Dynamite Steps has upped the ante yet again, and is clearly the best album of the young year. I expect it to be at or near the top of my list come December. I don’t often come right out and say this, but I urge you to get this album, today, right now.

Dynamite Steps – Rolling Stone – 3.5 Stars By Will Hermes February 15, 2011 Unleashing a persona that’s part barroom romantic, part serial killer, Greg Dulli’s Twilight Singers project has now eclipsed his Nineties soul-grunge outfit Afghan Whigs. On the group’s fifth record, arrangements vary — dissonant strings, thrift-store drum machines, wah-wah guitar — but never the sense of menace, even when girl voices (Ani DiFranco, Petra Haden) hover like lost spirits. “Gunshots, baby/let’s cut through the crowd,” Dulli croons at one point over sniping guitar, like Satan taking…

Dynamite Steps – TONEAudio

TONEAudio Magazine Filled with scourge, deception, danger, revenge, death, and sin, Dulli’s narratives are nonetheless less linear and direct than in the past. He now pens verses in a more abstract fashion, connecting words via feeling and setting, the bundling together of individual words or short phrases intensifying the degrees of intrigue, coercion, and surprise. Continue Reading

Dynamite Steps – Village Voice

The Village Voice: Greg Dulli Find Religion Uptown again: riding shotgun in some dealer’s Chrysler, peeling out of a motel parking lot with the darkness at the edge of town nipping at your bumper. And you may ask yourself, “How did I get here?” Luckily, your driver has the answer, because Greg Dulli albums never bury the lede: “Whenever you’re here, you’re alive.” Continue Reading

Dynamite Steps – The Skinny

via | 4/5 Stars Remaining true to The Twilight Singers’ founding ethos, Greg Dulli once again assembles a notable cast for the long-awaited return of his New Orleans troupe. Dynamite Steps comes peppered with the distinct skill of raconteur Joseph Arthur, fellow Gutter Twin Mark Lanegan, modern folk icon Ani DiFranco, prolific go-to rock violinist Petra Haden, and (somewhat surprisingly) The Verve’s Nick McCabe – but it’s the cinematic vision of our ‘director’ that defines this characteristically dark and confessional offering. Kicking off with…

Dynamite Steps –

via Rating: 8/10 Greg Dulli — former Afghan Whigs frontman and Twilight Singers’ sole constant — has been running toward and away from his thinking-woman’s douchebag persona for years. Dynamite Steps, his strongest, most widescreen set since the Whigs’ mid-’90s heyday (even if it could use another chorus or two), continues that push and pull. Is he a tool who can get away with belting “Spread your legs / Insert your alibi” (“On the Corner”) or is he a misunderstood balladeer (the brief but…

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