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Black Love – Pop Matters

Hear me now and don’t forget I’m not the man my actions would suggest A little boy, I’m tied to you I fell apart That’s what I always do. – “Debonair”, Gentlemen

Black Love – Hotwired

Gangsters of Love The Afghan Whigs Black Love By Mark Yarm

Black Love – Nude as the News

Afghan Whigs Black Love Elektra, 1996 by PATRICK KASTNER | STAFF WRITER Nude as the News

Black Love – Wash City Paper

As a practicing masochist, the Afghan Whigs’s Greg Dulli uses bad judgment as a matter of artistic principle. For their 1993 release Gentlemen, the Whigs went to the same studio where Big Star recorded Third and emerged with the ’90s most twisted break-up album: the hellish testament of a relationship so mutually disruptive you’d think those involved were participating on a dare. In one of the many instances where Dulli claimed to be getting some pleasure from the pain, he sang, “I get dressed up…

Black Love – Yale Herald

Dulli flips his Whig with dark, depraved ‘Love’ THE AFGHAN WHIGS Black Love (Elektra) *** -Ana Vargas

Black Love –

The profile of Afghan Whigs singer-songwriter-guitarist Greg Dulli has been ascending steadily through five previous, acclaimed Whigs albums and a maverick, do-what-I-damn-well-please persona that even included a stint as the voice of John Lennon on 1995’s Backbeat soundtrack. Now, with Black Love, that reputation should shoot through the roof of cultdom and into widespread praise.

Black Love – WHFS Press

Could the Afghan Whigs be the first major breakthrough band of 1996? They have as good a chance as anyone. All the ingredients are here: critical acclaim, (Gentlemen was widely regarded as one of the best albums of 1993) sex god/lyricist/frontman Greg Dulli, and a new record that is uncompromisingly brilliant.

Black Love – Select

4/5 Stars Poor bugger. Once again, Greg Dulli has been unlucky in love. Previous Whigs albums suggested their helmsman’s dating life is twisted enough to give the Royals a run for their riches. But the state of his affairs has worsened in the three years since the poisoned Dear John of Gentlemen. Considerably. The title says it all, really, and “Bulletproof” warns that “this time we go a little lower”.

Black Love – Spin

This Cincinnati band was several Sub Pop records and many more feverish live dates into a career when its soulful experiments cohered into Gentlemen. By that time, it happened to be 1993, so the songs’ crack guitar-architecture behaved with the expected distorted-post-Nirvana involvement. Yet everything else about singer and songwriter Greg Dulli’s band seemed less literally generic: the cinematic drifts, the actorly immersions, the disregard for metal, the uncanny union with ’60s and ’70s R&B. Black Love, Afghan Whigs’ new album, wisely emphasizes the band’s…

Black Love – Pitt City Paper

In a world that’s becoming filled with cookie-cutter alternative bands, what’s most appealing about Afghan Whigs is that its dark, seductive sound goes back further than the heyday of Nirvana’s influence.

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