Telegraph Dulli Interview

The Telegraph has published a great interview with Greg Dulli (archived here). Of special note to those seeing the Twilight Singers on tour: … while for the most part Dulli will be performing songs off his new album, he says he’s not sure that audiences have seen the last of the Afghan Whigs back catalogue. “I’ll tell you what, it probably has not been retired, because the current members of the Twilight Singers touring band will not let it die. Every time I walk into…’s Breaking and Entering has a nice bit about Twilight up. It mentions that Blackberry Belle debuted at number 39 on the Top Independent Albums chart. The article is also archived here at Summer’s Kiss. An excerpt: When the Whigs disbanded and Dulli emerged with the Twilight Singers, the line between love and hate was obscured by the group’s electronic-infused rock ballads, which bled like a Motown review in a seedy nightclub.

More New BB Reviews

A five star Bang Magazine review of Blackberry Belle, along with reviews from Maxxim (5 Stars), Loaded (4 Stars), and are up in the Press section. From the Loaded review: Were the Whigs ever this supple and diverse, assured and wise? You’ll struggle to remember. Sure, it’s late in the day and late in the year, but Blackberry Belle is the kind of keeper you compile Top Ten lists for.

More Blackberry Reviews

Blackberry Belle reviews are continuing to stream in. Here are a few of the latest: Incendiary Magazine Mention in NY Newsday IDS News Chart Attack Boston Globe Blackberry Belle was #15 on last week’s Criminal Records’ (Atlanta and online) sales chart. If you’ve spotted a review not listed here or in the press section of Summer’s Kiss….send me a link via PM in the forum.

Scott Ford Radio Interview

You can hear an interview with Twilight’s Scott Ford on “The Bradley Quick Experience,” an inspirational talk radio show. The interview was aired on August 10 of this year. Scott talks about his roots in England, his early dependency on drugs and alcohol, and the road to becoming sober in the music business. It’s a great story and well worth a listen. Listen to Episode 59

Twilight Singers Flyers

Help spread the word that the Twilight Singers are coming to your town. How To: 1. Click the image below to launch the Flash movie. 2. Highlight the appropriate text and enter the day of the week, date, and venue that TS is playing near you. 3. To print, click the page icon in the bottom left of the movie file. It looks like this: For best results, print using a laser printer, then photocopy to your heart’s content. Bonus! As an added incentive for…

UK Wristband Single

For a little under £5 (or around $8 US), you can pick up the Teenage Wristband single (also known as the Killer Teenage Wristband radio EP). It has the same three tracks, Teenage Wristband, The Killer, and the previously unavailable So Tight. UK Orders for the Teenage Wristband Single – ships October 27. – listed as currently shipping. The official UK release date for Blackberry Belle is November 3rd; but has it available as an import, and has it shipping for…

Blackberry Belle – Out Today!

Today’s the day! The Twilight Singers Play Blackberry Belle should be in a store near you, starting today. Let us know if you have any trouble finding the record. In your trips out to record shops, if they do not have it, make sure to request it. Then, the next time someone is looking for BB, they’ll have it in stock, or at least know that there is demand. If they do have it, buy several copies to give to your friends. Spread the word,…

Whigs Influence Still Strong

Two Afghan Whigs references from major media in the past week. In’s review of the Damien Rice show at TLA in Philadelphia, they say it was “the greatest rock and roll show that the Theater of Living Arts has seen since the Afghan Whigs blew the doors off in 1999.” Read the Article. The Oregonian’s review of the Interpol show in Portland said, “Interpol also showed the influences of more modern, guitar-drenched bands such as the Afghan Whigs, Shudder to Think, Radiohead and even…

Wicked Stream

Listen to the Twilight Singers track “Wicked”, exclusive to the October issue of DIW magazine. It’s a limited run of 777 copies.

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