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TS in the Big Room

On Monday at 1:00 PM, The Twilight Singers will perform on CD101.1 FM’s Big Room in Columbus, OH. You can stream the station from their website. You can also email in questions to the band via a link on the station’s home page.

NOLA Show Added

The Twilight Singers are scheduled to play at New Orleans’ One Eyed Jacks, located at the site of the former Shim Sham Club, on April 29. >> Entry Via the listings database. Thanks to Sandra for the tip.

Martina on “Too Tough To Die”

Over at Martina Topley-Bird’s web forums, a user tipped her off that The Twilight Singers would be covering “Too Tough to Die” on their new LP. Martina’s response: *gobsmacked* That’s so cool. I loved the cover of Band of Gold . I’m so chuffed. The song is amazing live. I can’t wait to hear the studio take. — Thanks to Rob for the tip

Detroit 03 Photos

Ugh…still reeling from last night’s show in Atlanta (and my 5 AM wakeup call + 4 hour drive = still totally worth it). For those Detroitians upset about not getting a gig this time around, photographer CJ Benninger has a few shots from last year’s Magic Stick show for you to look at and softly cry. CJ Benninger Photography

Atlanta 04 Setlist

The Atlanta show was fantastic. The crowd had great energy, and the band reciprocated. Setlist: Strange Fruit Esta Noche Teenage Wristband Twilight Kid Too Tough To Die Bird Sings Decatur St Love Annie Mae Martin Eden Papillon/If I Were Going Hyperballad Black is the Color ———————- The Passion of the Christ monologue/Celebration (Kool & the Gang) Black Love The Killer/Roses (Outkast) Layla Coda ———————- Somethin’ Hot Don’t Fear the Reaper/Uptown Again Summertime/Faded It was great to see so many familiar faces from the last show…

Tour Starts Tonight

The first date in the spring ’04 Twilight Singers tour is tonight in Orlando. Just found out that I’ll be at Sunday’s Atlanta show. Anyone who’s up for it, let’s meet at the bar downstairs. Safe travels.

Tucson Date Added

The Twilight Singers have added Tucson, AZ to their spring tour roster. The band will play at Club Congress on April 13. · Entry

Upcoming Overview

Pitchfork has a rather humerous rundown of all things Dulli, with an overview of the upcoming Twilight Singers covers album and tour. But you knew about that already. Subtitled: Crack’o’Dawn Whistlers still in search of record deal


Ah, the Kansas City shakedown. Without fail, the one airport I can count on setting off the metal detector is KCI. What was it today? The rivets in my jeans. The highlight was the security guard. Late 50s, white hair, and pudgy around the middle. After nearly molesting me with the wand, he stepped back and read my T shirt. “Twilight is for Lovers. Huh. I like that.” I smiled and gave him the benefit of the doubt.


You’ve got to love wireless internet in the hotel bar. Mention of Rick McCollum in the Star Tribune today. It led into a review of Volante, a Minneapolis band which, to the reviewer, echoes the Afghan Whigs. While local guitarist Rick McCollum debuts his new band Moon Maan this weekend at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas, Volante is staying in town to unveil a CD that echoes the wonderfully harrowing sound of McCollum’s old band, the Afghan Whigs. Anybody heard of…

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