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Saturnalia – Playback

Playback Magazine by Bob Gendron Music: 4.5/5 Sound: 4/5 “Must Hear” Rumored for more than five years and hinted at via a succession of collaborations, the prospect of the Gutter Twins – a partnership between inimitable vocalists Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli – has until now existed as more of a tantalizing fantasy than a formal entity. Not that the pair hasn’t given reasons to believe. Both artists have histories of helping a brother out. Dulli assisted on Lanegan’s Bubblegum album and sat behind the…

Gutter Twins to Play Sled Island

According to the Edmonton Journal, The Gutter Twins will be performing at this year’s Sled Island Festival in Calgary. Also performing will be Jose Gonzales (the Twins are currently performing Gonzales’ “Down the Line” in their set), RZA, Of Montreal, Drive-By Truckers, and frequent Dulli collaborator Petra Hayden. The full lineup and schedule will be released May 1.

All Misery/Flowers Video

The Gutter Twins have released a video for the song “All Misery/Flowers” through Myspace. Video: All Misery / Flowers at Myspace

Gutter Twins Posters

We’ve gotten a ton of feedback about the Gutter Twins poster that we featured last week. If you’re looking for more GT posters, check out Not all of them are available on-site, but it should give you enough info to track them down. My current favorite is the Chicago poster above. → The Gutter Twins at

NYC Review –

New York’s Premier Alternative Newspaper After a pretty lame applause from the crowd, Greg Dulli emerged to the stage. Smoking his hundredth cigarette of the night, the Gutter Twins co-frontman quickly confronted the crowd as to why the rest of the band remained hidden in the shadows on the side of the stage. Saying something like “We walk off stage, 5 people clap, and we’re supposed to come back out and play more songs,” he criticized the crowd for their incredibly weak call for an…

Saturnalia – San Francisco Bay Times

San Francisco Bay Times By Don Baird The brilliant duo of Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli I’ve had access to downloading much more music from the Internet lately, and there have been a few new releases by bands of interest. One that was garnering a great deal of attention when I was in London with a couple very well received live U.K. debut dates was The Gutter Twins, a long-time-coming collaboration between Mark Lanegan (of Screaming Trees, Queens of The Stoneage) and Greg Dulli (Afghan…

Many peaks at Gutter Twins show

Many peaks at Gutter Twins show – by Jed Gottlieb Imagine little Mark Lanegan scribbling a fifth-grade paper on what he wants to be when he grows up. Other boys are aspiring firefighters and astronauts; Lanegan’s designing a destiny of dingy clubs and dark rock ’n’ roll. The other kids probably teased him until he belted out a few bars with his Jack Daniels-and-Lucky Strike vocal cords. Maybe Lanegan could have fought fate and tried another career path, but a teeming Paradise was glad…

Gutter Twins play out their hearts of darkness

At Paradise, the Gutter Twins play out their hearts of darkness – The Boston Globe By Sarah Rodman With the precise distances unknown, we’re going to guess that the gutter is closer to hell than it is to heaven. Or maybe it’s just the intersection between the two. The Gutter Twins With Great Northern At: Paradise Rock Club, Tuesday night. more stories like this * Critics’ picks – pop music * Rock * Hooray for Earth * It certainly sounds that way on “Saturnalia,” the…

Gutter Twins on Letterman

Just a friendly reminder, this is tonight! The Gutter Twins MySpace Blog Late Show With David Letterman The Gutter Twins will perform on the Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday, March 19 at 11:30PM ET/PT. Update: The band played “Idle Hands” and sounded fantastic. Here’s the video:

Gutter Twins Cleveland Poster

Clinton Reno has screenprinted another great poster for the Gutter Twins’ Cleveland show. Only 90 available, $20/each. The posters are SOLD OUT. Updated: Due to popular demand, a second printing will go out next week. You can pre-order now at the link below. » Gutter Twins Poster Reno’s previous Twilight Singers poster.

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