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London Show Announced For August

Via The Gutter Twins MySpace Blog The Gutter Twins have announced that they will perform at Shepherds Bush Empire in London on Wednesday, August 13 2008. This is one of many shows the band will be playing this Summer. We will announce the other dates as they become available. Buy Tickets Online

Gutter Twins a Pick at C|Net, Junk Media

→ Saturnalia is featured on C|Net’s Crossfade TV → Album of the week at Junk Media

Saturnalia – Junk Media

Junkmedia Rating: 4/5 Has Greg Dulli found religion? Its hard not to think so after hearing Saturnalia, the debut record from his long-in-gestation collaboration with Mark Lanegan, where the two dark lords of alt-rock sing of regret, redemption and, well, God. Practically every song is filled with religious and Biblical imagery, some literal album-opener “The Stations,” where lyrics about the Rapture butt up against the title itself, a reference to the Catholic Stations of the Cross and others, like the gorgeous “The Body,” more metaphorical….

A glance at the stars

A glance at the stars – Music – Entertainment – These two forces share a murky past and a thrilling collaboration. PERFECT collaborations between established artists are few and far between. Rarer still are such projects that surpass just about everything each contributor has done before. Projects that result in albums such as Saturnalia by the Gutter Twins. These black-clad “twins” comprise (the unrelated) Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan, two legends in alternative-rock circles. Dulli was the devilishly suave frontman for the Afghan Whigs,…

Saturnalia – Harp (Full Review) Greg Dulli is a hot dog, a fast-talking soul boy whose giddy literate lyricism made his dippy punkish Afghan Whigs the oddball toast of Sub Pop’s early-’90s label establishment. By the time Dulli got to the harder, groovier stuff (literally, in regard to his addiction-addled chatter) of the Twilight Singers, he couldn’t shut the speed rapping even when slowing down for his best effort, 2006’s Powder Burns. Mark Lanegan is a slower-burning ember. But it’s a measuredly wordy brushblaze Lanegan’s tossed gasoline onto so…

‘Idle Hands’ and the Hammer of the Gods : NPR Music

‘Idle Hands’ and the Hammer of the Gods : NPR Music Back in the ’90s, few alt-rock frontmen built personas as macho and brawl-ready as Screaming Trees’ Mark Lanegan and Afghan Whigs’ Greg Dulli. They seemed to have stepped out of a Mickey Spillane novel as much as indie-rock, but on records they made after their respective bands dissolved, both men toned down both their pose and their music. Now that they’re working together as The Gutter Twins, however, they’ve forged a new hammer of…

The Gutter Twins on Later

The Gutter Twins will be one of musical guests on Later With Jools Holland during their LIVE broadcast April 29th on BBC2 at 10:00PM. The band will share the stage with James, Mable John, Operator Please, Pentangle and Melody Gardot. The full show will then air on Friday May 2nd at 11:35PM on BBC2 as well. Due to this opportunity the band will reschedule their shows in Bilbao and Lisbon. However, the Twins will be returning to Europe later this summer and hope to make…

Saturnalia – Green Bay Press-Gazette

The Gutter Twins’ sound matches name in ‘Saturnalia’ By Thomas Rozwadowski You won’t find a more appropriate new band name than The Gutter Twins. It’s music mired in grime, with spiritual imagery swirling amid the dark Gothic overtones and disparate vocals of alt-rock’s two most indulgent figureheads, Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan. The stellar collaboration has been several years in the making, and whatever led to its delay helped give the final product a real sense of purpose. From Lanegan that could probably be expected….

The Gutter Twins, Manchester Review

Manchester Evening News Chris Gilliver THAT Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan have both shared more than a passing fondness for drugs use is often repeated (Lanegan was a teenage heroin addict, and is said to have saved Dulli’s life by getting him off cocaine). What is not said, if it is said at all, is that Mark Lanegan is by far one of the most gifted vocalists and songwriters of the last 20 years. Most people will be aware of his work with Queens of…

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