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Gentlemen at 20

It started with the “Debonair” video. As a highly impressionable seventeen year old, I had just begun transferring my naive attempts at teenage rebellion into full-on suburban teenage angst. In the early ’90s, that meant giving up on MTV’s Headbangers’ Ball and instead setting the VCR to record 120 Minutes.

I’ll Be Your Mirror 2012 Recap

Looking back at the beginning of 2012, when word first came of The Afghan Whigs reuniting, this was the show that was announced. All Tomorrow’s Parties I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival is now another entry in the history books. Let’s take a look back with some related press from the event. The Afghan Whigs’ Setlist: Crime Scene, Part One I’m Her Slave Uptown Again What Jail is Like Fountain and Fairfax (Who Do You Love intro) My Curse (with Marcy Mays) Gentlemen 66 My Enemy Son of the…

“My Enemy” – Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Afghan Whigs performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live in an outdoor mini-concert. The total setlist was: “My Enemy”, “Uptown Again”, “Fountain & Fairfax” and “Summer’s Kiss” “My Enemy” was shown as a part of the network broadcast. “Uptown Again” was featured on Hulu:

Mahogany Slade

Mahogany Slade is a new book set in Athens GA in the early 90s. The Afghan Whigs served as a character inspiration.

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