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Roncade, Italy 12/10/04 Review

Translated from by Federica

10th Dec. 2004 – Roncade (TV), New Age Club

The Twilight Singers + Manuel Agnelli

The wish to see Mr. Dulli live again is strong after the baptism full of emotions of February in Milan. And this wish may be the reason of the early coming at the gig; so early that the club was still closed. When arrived, you get surprised by the chaos on stage, and its size doesn’t help the hosting of two drums, keyboards, amps, etc. But most of all, the emptiness of the club catches the eye. Probably the name of Manuel Agnelli on the playbill did not attract as much public as wished, public that increased little by little, but was very far, anyway, from the sold out.

It doesn’t matter, we’re here, and we want to enjoy the Twilight Singers; but before it Lombroso are on stage for a half-hour show, that goes on fast and leaves everyone gladly surprised.

But the reason why we are here is called Greg Dulli.

It’s almost 11PM when the 4 Twilight Singers step on stage, then arrives Dulli with his cigarette and a glass of hawana (I don’t know what the reviewer meant, I think whiskey – translator’s note). A “benvenuti”, a “ciao Treviso”, then Manuel’s Keyboard introduces what is the opening song, “Esta noche”, the show has begun. It goes on and some songs stand among the others: “Decatur St.”, “Teenage Wristband”, “A Love Supreme”, “All You Need Is Love”, till one of the best moments of the concert, that is “Papillon”, hosting on stage Ciffo, Afterhour’s violin player.

Dulli is in good form and leads the band in a perfect way, and he is a real “Gentleman”, even towards the public. The voice is, perhaps, hoarser than is was during the Afghan Era, but incredible, anyway; the band, sometimes impressive, follows its conductor of orchestra in a very accurate way, a playlist in which “old and new” are well blended, and where the past’s coming back with some songs of the Afghan Whigs excites the public, especially the nostalgic ones; these are the ingredients of the Twilight Singer’s winning formula.

Before the short break there is time for “Incidente” and “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair”; then the first to step back is Greg, who sits at the piano. “Black Love” and “The Killer” executed in a wonderful way and Greg that, during “The Killer”, between a cigarette and the other, sings a piece of “Voglio una pelle splendida” by The Afterhours: that’s great!

Now It’s time for the great conclusion… “Uptown Again” and then the piano intro of “Faded” (with a small piece of “Summertime” sung in it) announces us we are at the end. It’s been a wonderful journey, a journey through songs, a journey full of great emotions, but with a unique, great guide: Mr. Greg Dulli.

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