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The Section w/ Greg Dulli Recap

Last night, Greg Dulli performed with The Section at The Echo in Los Angeles.

For Greg’s part of the performance, the set was:
Crazy (Afghan Whigs)
Love to Love (UFO)

If you don’t know UFO, you don’t know your space-kraut rock. Michael Schenker is a guitar god. From what I hear, Greg’s quite the fan. You can stream a bit of “Love to Love” at Amazon.
UFO » Strangers in the Night

From all accounts it was a great show.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

GD Performs with the Section

2 Responses to “The Section w/ Greg Dulli Recap”
  1. Woods says:

    Wish I could’ve been there for that. I need to move to LA. Jesus. We’re languishing down here in Dallas.

  2. mike h says:

    You know, when I watched U2 on the grammy’s, I could close my eyes and hear that as a Twilight Singers song. Twilight singers and U2 go well together.

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