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She Loves You – Zookeeper DJ Notes

DJ Notes for Stanford’s station KZSU.
Review by Margot

Blues/Soul/Jazz/R&B covers with a “TRIPPY POP” sensibility. Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs returns! Does Gershwin, Coltrane, Gaye, Mary J. Blige, and others, with his gritty, haunting voice that unarguably drips sex. One might think the album is one of new original songs. A bit louder and darker than the last album. Even if you don’t know the original songs, Dulli really makes each one his own. Soul and Indie Pop fans alike will enjoy. Dulli often does covers at live shows. Much anticipated follow-up to the The Twilight Singers 2003 debut, “Blackberry Belle.” All clean (No FCC violations).

1)* Mazzy Star cover. Opens with woman’s distorted voice. Just Greg Dulli singing with acoustic background. Slower tempo. Faint, echoing backup vocals around -0:29. Single-key piano backup to fade out around -0:19.
2) Martina Topley-Bird cover. Jazzier tune, heavier bass and percussion. Dulli sings with more gusto. Crescendo around -3:05, with intro of one wailing, almost squealing guitar string. Ends with same guitar. (4:02)
3)*** Bjork cover. A bit more reminiscient of the Twilight Singer’s wistful style, but no piano. Dreamy, simple bass line. -3:47 percussion gets a little stronger. Loud female backup vocals and stronger guitar, at -3:38.
Calms down again around -3:00. Backups return at -1:54. (4:56)
4) Billie Holiday cover. Slow, high piano intro. -3:18 electric guitar and rainfalling. -3:10 fuller instrumentation and Dulli singing. Growlier vocals. Visceral ballad. (3:30)
5) Fleetwood Mac cover. Tambourine and electric guitar first few seconds. Piano reminds one of bells. Joyous quality. Similar gusto to “Teenage
Wristband” from last album. (3:47)
6) Mary J. Blige cover. With John Lennon’s refrain. (4:26)
7)* Skip James cover. Think: The Blues. Including humming. (3:15)
8) John Coltrane cover (loosely so). Manages to gets a “Ladies’ Man” feeling with rock sensibility. Transitions flawlessly into next song. (2:05)
9) Marvin Gaye cover. Nice “doo doos” at -1:26. (4:02)
10)* Nina Simone cover. Quieter break after song 9. Dulli makes his own arrangements on this one. Sings his heart out at -2:59. (4:25)
11)** “Summertime”! Haunting, pretty, uniquely Dulli. Can’t get over that voice. Echo-y acoustic, keyboards come in at -1:44. Starts fading out at -0:21. May want to stop song at -0:15 (very quiet). (3:00)

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