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Twilight Over Europe

If you’re making it out to any of the Italy/Greece/Spain gigs, this is the place to leave setlists, etc. Drop them in the comments.


30 Responses to “Twilight Over Europe”
  1. Daniele says:

    The Twilight Singers @ Circolo degli Artisti, Rome, Italy, 12.09 setlist:

    Esta Noche //
    Teenage Wristband //
    Too Tough To Die (M. Topley-Bird) //
    A Love Supreme (J. Coltrane)-
    Please Stay (M. Gaye) //
    Decatur St. //
    That’s Just How That Bird Sings //
    All You Need Is Love (The Beatles) – Love //
    Annie Mae //
    Incidente (new song) //
    Papillon //
    Martin Eden //
    Black is the Color of my True Love’s Hair //

    Black Love (another version of love, voice and piano) //
    The Killer //
    Roses (Outkast) //
    66 (The Afghan Whigs) //
    Don’t Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult) – Uptown Again (The Afghan Whigs) //
    Ooh La La (The Faces) //
    Faded (The Afghan Whigs)

  2. mike says:

    Really nice set of songs. Nice to see 66 and uptown again added to the set (ooh ooh, yeah yeah yeah). Rockin’ tunes.

    Come back to NY/NJ/PA sometime soon.

  3. Daniele says:

    I forgot to say that during “The Killer” Greg sang a couple of lines of “Voglio una pelle splendida”, a song by Afterhours (their leader Manuel Agnelli recently joined the Twilight Singers). It was beautiful!

  4. Daniele says:

    “Faded” was introduced by the initial verses of “Beth” by Kiss 🙂

  5. blugel says:

    oh my god, a new song! please let someone have recorded it and offer an mp3 up to us vultures~!

  6. Riccardo says:

    The Twilight Singers
    December 08, 2004

    01.Teenage Wristband
    02.Too Tough To Die
    03.A Love Supreme
    -> Please Stay
    04.Esta Noche
    05.Decatur St.
    06.The Twilite Kid
    07.All You Need Is Love
    -> Love
    08.Annie Mae
    10.If I Were Going
    11.Martin Eden
    12.Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair
    14.The Killer
    16.(Don’t Fear) The Reaper
    -> Updown Again
    17.Ooh La La
    18.Summer Time
    -> Faded

  7. blugel says:

    new song dropped already? goddam. but ‘if i were going’ just about makes up for it, yay yay yay! god i hope some recordings of these make the rounds

  8. Massimo says:

    Twilight Singers@Hiroshima Mon Amour,Torino,Italy,12.12 setlist

    1.Esta noche
    2.Decatur st.
    3.Too tough to die
    4.Love supreme
    5.Please stay
    6.Teenage wristband
    9.Annie Mae
    12.Martin Eden
    13.Black is the color of my true love’s hair
    14.Black love
    15.The killer
    17.Uptown again

    Great!Greg is always a gentleman and a genius!!Now I’m too tired…I know I’ve forgotten something (If I were going for example…).forgive me.Now I go to sleep:I hope to dream another night like this with all these emotions.Grazie Greg!Ciao.Max
    PS:great,great band…

  9. Nicola says:

    Twilight Singers – Velvet Rock Club Rimini, Italy, December 11 2004

    1. Esta noche
    2. Decatur st.
    3. Too tough to die
    4. A Love supreme
    5. Please stay
    6. Teenage wristband
    7. Hyperballad
    8. Love
    9. Annie Mae
    10. Incidente (new song)
    11. Papillon
    12. Martin Eden
    13. Black is the color of my true love’s hair
    14. Giorgio’s Birthday (sung by Manuel Agnelli)

    15. Black love
    16. The killer
    17. Roses
    18. Uptown again
    19. Faded

  10. Andrea’s Birthday.. no GIORGIO’S 😉

  11. Nicola says:

    “Giorgio’s birthday” was the name of the song in Greg’s setlist… It’s strange because saturday was Bobby’s birthday. Maybe that was a sort of joke between them.

  12. Me says:

    Has Lanegan not been singing at these shows? the story (direct from one of Mark’s band members) was that he would be onboard for this whole mini-tour – and I’ve seen no mention of him.

  13. Riccardo says:

    no, any sign of Lanegan on this minitour…

  14. mississippi queen says:

    Any sightings of Signore Michaelangelo Neopolitino
    on board? Some people say he resembles Joe Perry…sounds like a good time out yonder in the old country. 1.5 weeks till X-mas. Be safe and enjoy!

  15. ronnie says:

    Is Greg Italian/American or Greek/American in origin?

  16. Federica says:

    His mom is (or was )Irish and his is (or was)dad Greek. I believed he was half Italian for many years, as Dulli is also an Italian surname, from the south… This is what I read on an old Melody Maker article, which should be also on the net. 🙂

  17. agnese says:

    still disoriented after the gigs in Rome and Milan.not many words to express my adoration…Greg, as you said once during an interview in athens talking about Prince…I wish you could play every night, because I would watch you every night!
    thank you and let the guys in athens take care of you on friday.

  18. tgrace says:

    any sign of the dvd bootleg on the tour? anyone know when it’ll be offered through the website?!

  19. Mike says:

    I’ve heard Greg say that Dulli is French.

  20. Federica says:

    Gosh, will we ever know?

  21. SDayRE says:

    The Twilight Singers play new song called (think) Poses in Barcelona gig.

  22. Federica says:

    It was Roses, by Outkast. 🙂

  23. Joan says:

    Sorry Guys, I have a terrible memory for set lists. I hope someone else can post all of it in the right order. But I can tell you Dulli played on piano an interesting and nearly unrecognizable version of “Dancing Queen” (ABBA)!. I don’t know if this has happened in other gigs. They also played a small part of “gentlemen” which was sung with the audience, and “Twilight Kid” (which I don’t see in your posts”).

    Amazing gig!. Complete sold out. Fantastic audience. Greg said “Barcelona, it’s been too long…” Later he said he hopes he will come back soon. I have my fingers crossed!.

  24. Becker says:


    -Esta Noche
    -Too Tough To Die
    -Love Supreme
    -Teenage Wristband
    -The Twilight Kid
    -Love (All You Need Is Love – Beatles intro)
    -Annie Mae
    -That Just How That Bird Sings
    -If I Were Going (Steve Miller The Joker chorus Im a joker, Im a smoker, Im a midnight toker)
    -Martin Eden
    -Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair

    (Dulli at piano)
    -Dancing Queen (Abba)
    -The Killer
    -Roses (Outkast)
    (Dulli back on guitar)
    -Uptown Again
    -66 (Little Red Corvette Lyrics – Prince)
    -Ooh La La (The Faces / Rod Stewart)
    -Faded (Prince Purple Rain intro)

    Started the show by simply saying Mi Noche, Su Noche, Esta Noche, before kicking into it. Incredible show, the crowd went crazy for the Afghan Whigs material, I dont know when he was in Barcelona last, but he was properly greeted. Called Outkasts Roses a Negro Spiritual. Only after getting a chance to see the She Love You songs live do you truly realize how effortlessly Dulli has not only adapted them, but seamlessly slipped them into his setlist.

  25. SDayRE says:

    Ups! my excuses, it’s true… it was roses from Outkast. The last time that Mr. Dulli played in Barcelona was in 1994 with the Whigs.

  26. mississippi queen says:

    Ole! The accounts have been awesome. Opa!

  27. Cruelsun says:

    Athens show
    I only remember last nights’ concert as a dream. It is difficult to describe in words the magic, the vibe, the atmosphere that brought into us. The songlist was kind of similar to the others -hope that someone kept a record of it cause I didn’t. An interesting thing was playing faded,with lyrics from summertime on the first verse….Amazing!!!At the end inttoducing the band he presented himself with origins from Kalamata-Peloponese, and I this is not the first time listening to Greg saying that. The very last thing that he did, after two encores, he jumped on the crowd who went nuts!!! This was the very best show I’ve ever seen and I think that I’ll fly to Thessaloniki tonight to see them again. I missed the whigs show five years ago and still regret it!

  28. marina rubi says:

    Guten morgan! There’s a Twilight Singers place on that has a music player with 4 of their songs you can stream. Just go to, go 2 music, SELECT band name, TYPE IN twilight singers…it’s pretty cool and has a link that goes directly to the official TS site. I heard there were more classical ruins in Turkey than in Greece…but I know much of Turkey was Greece in the past. Ephesus.

  29. miss_epsilon says:

    [the athens show]

    i have no words. to explain the emotion.

    i walked out in pieces… literally.

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