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The OTHER Twilight Singers has written a story on the flu vaccine shortage. Normally not big news, until you get toward the end of the article and find this gem:

Barbara Smith, 71, said she is concerned about catching influenza at one of the many nursing homes and retirement villages where she and her singing group, the Twilight Singers, entertain.

Somehow, I doubt they throw in a little Outkast or Judas Priest between songs.

7 Responses to “The OTHER Twilight Singers”
  1. William says:

    I think a great show would have Barbara’s Twilight Singers opening for Greg’s Twilight Singers. How cool would that be?

  2. Aaron says:

    There is now a new band from Athens, GA called…The Whigs…

  3. CAW says:

    I was working a high school girls basketball game yesterday afternoon and encountered a Susan Marshall which kind of made me giggle.

  4. Joe says:

    Greg always says, “if it’s me and your grandmother on bongos, it’s the twilight singers”. Maybe it’s just a new lineup.

  5. CAW says:

    Due to my love for the music of both the Whigs and the Twilight Singers, I am forming my own band and we will be known as the “Twigs.”

  6. roscoe says:

    Saw the show in L.A. @ Spaceland and was impressed by how much the drummer was the glue. Keep up the good work. Love the fills on 2.

  7. roscoe says:

    When is your next L.A. gig? Saw the Spaceland show. Despite the bad house sound the tunes came across and the band sounded like you’ve been on a bus for a time. In a good way that is. Love the sensitivity of the drummer. Haven’t seen that since early BOWIE. Keep up the good work.

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