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By Tim Den
Monday. Nov 01, 12:23 PM
Seedy, dirty, rapturously dangerous.

Greg Dulli’s The Twilight Singers’ last album, Blackberry Belle, pretty much silenced all who wished the man would reform The Afghan Whigs. It was an apparition of a record with a shadow as sun drenched as Dulli’s home of New Orleans: restless, seductive, decadent, lustful, and gorgeously dirty. It proved that not only could rock ‘n’ roll – in all of its original potency and danger – still be relevant without any trace of nostalgic/hipster retro/vintage bullshit, but that Dulli knew how to cultivate the true soul of rock – R&B – into loud chords and downbeats.

It’s not surprising then, that She Loves You – an album of covers by artists as diverse as Bjork, George Gershwin, John Coltrane, and Nina Simone – has Dulli swimming through it like fish in water. Long known for his ability to inject seedy soulfulness into covers, Dulli not so much reinterprets as transforms the songs. They become his own: haunting, celebratory, heartsick, grotesque… everything you would expect from the man. And through it all the originals’ – as well as Dulli’s – R&B spirit shines, writhing in ecstasy as it picks fights in “Too Tough to Die,” pleads in “Please Stay (Once You Go Away),” and laments in “Hard Time Killing Floor.” As the album nears its end, “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” both delivers the zenith of this collection (just listen to that howl) and cements Dulli as second to none in his power as a Rocking Soul Man.

Dulli once said that “‘she loves you’ means she doesn’t love me,” but it’s hard to think of a reason not to fall for the man. Simply irresistible.

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