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04 Tour: TS in San Fran Tonight

Greg Dulli’s Twilight Singers return to California tonight to perform at The Independent in San Francisco. Opening will be The Gris Gris.

9 Responses to “04 Tour: TS in San Fran Tonight”
  1. Ken H says:

    Can anyone out there purchase an extra DVD and contact me…..I will arrange purchase and shipping….I am desperate in Florida
    Thanks Twilight Fans.

  2. patd2000 says:

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but I too am in desperate desire of the DVD – especially since I was in the crowd for that show. If anyone has an extra DVD or could get extras, I will pay double what its worth and arrange shipping, and do whatever it takes (indentured servitude, etc!) Much thanks to anyone who can help out a desperate Ohio Dulli fan!

  3. jg says:

    In the kexp interview Greg said the DVD would be put up for sale on the website after the tour. I’m guessing they first decided to make enough for the tour to gauge interest. Might save you the indentured servitude.

  4. Jordan says:

    Heard that too. Personally, I can’t wait for the DVD to come to the website. I was in the crowd for that show and when I found that there was going to be a DVD I hit the roof. I wonder if there could be a good way to do “advance orders” for the diehards? I’m ready to plunk my money down right now. 😉

  5. Naveen says:

    Ahh, the show was incredible. I snagged a setlist:

    Teenage Wristband
    Too Tough to Die
    A Love Supreme/Please Stay
    Esta Noche
    Decatur St
    Feeling of Gaze
    The Twilite Kid
    That Bird Sings
    Annie Mae
    Martin Eden
    Real Love
    Black is the Color

    I think it was at this point when Greg sat on the edge of the stage and sang ‘Time of the Season’ over a vamp. He asked me “What’s your name/who’s your daddy” and pointed to himself 😉

    Encore 1
    Dancing Queen/Superstar
    Black Love
    The Killer
    When You Sleep

    Encore 2
    Crime Scene
    [Faded is on the setlist, but they scampered off before playing it]

    I got the DVD. The production values are amusing, but the show is amazing!!! At $10 it was a steal!

  6. Ian says:

    Great, great show before a packed house. Papillon had tags of California Dreamin’/Photograph (“You’ve just gotta let the Def Leppard wash over you.”). Razzed the crowd about the S.F. Giants never winning a world series, and dedicated The Killer to Jose Rijo (Reds MVP ’90 Series). Time of the Season was in true Dino style, intro’d with “remember to turn your lights back next weekend.” Yeah, we were all a little fuzzy at that point.

  7. vern says:

    thanks twilight singers!! come on back boys and play a longer next time would ya huh!

  8. HSK says:

    What do you mean that the production values were amusing?

  9. Michelle says:

    what an unbelievably awesome show- nothing short of what i expected 🙂 great setlist, great vibe and singing to that girl, that was hilarious. i cant wait for this dvd 🙂

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