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04 Tour: TS – 2 Nights in Oregon

The Twilight Singers will be at Doug Fir in Portland tonight and will hit WOW Hall in Eugene tomorrow.

Oregonians, hit us up with your setlists and show feedback.

10 Responses to “04 Tour: TS – 2 Nights in Oregon”
  1. Dan says:

    Saturday Night at the Doug Fir Lounge was great. Dulli was ‘Tha Pimp’ as always. Aside from selling a drag from his cig for $14 to a guy in the front and playing a song for “Kate Moss”, Dulli kept the tunes coming because “we bitch if he talks”. Not having seen him in a long time I have to ask… “what happened”? Greg looked tired and empty, devoid of real passion. Not the performance, because Dulli is always a stellar show. I mean on a personal level. It’s like being a witness to the second part of King Only – Lucifer’s fall. Regardless, much love to Greg and the TS for giving Portland our dues; April was a bad month. I’m gonna hold you to that “see ya next year” shit.
    Set List for 10/23/04:
    Teenage Wristband
    Too Tough To Die
    A Love Supreme
    Please Stay
    Esta Noche
    King Only
    Decatur Street
    Feeling Of Gaze
    The Twilite Kid
    That Bird Sings
    Annie Mae
    Martin Eden
    Black is the Color

    Black Love
    The Killer

    Crime Scene

  2. Danielle says:

    Kick ASS show at the Doug Fir. I had been waiting for that day for a very long time, and I have to say, it was not quite as I imagined it. At any rate, it will have to do. I am, however, grateful and thrilled to have seen Greg Dulli take the stage.
    Anyone happen to immortalize this monumental evening with a snapshot or two?

    See ya next year, Greg. Can’t wait!

  3. killjoy says:

    Dan’s stage setlist is correct, though Greg tossed in the requisite snippets/covers. The evening also saw parts of Who’s That Lady, Love Hurts, Slow Ride, the Joker, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Photograph, While You See A Chance, and I’m Comin’ Out. He sang “I’m Comin’ Out” after licking Mr. Skibic on the neck. Haha. The many references to Kate Moss were not to the ACTUAL Ms. Moss. He was picking on a gal in the front left corner who was very sleepy. Even accused her of doing heroin. Hence the Moss label. GREAT show, and VERY LOUD. And Greg actually talked more than I’ve heard in a long while. He just saved it for the first encore. It looked for awhile like the show was going to spin off into a marathon and he even threatened it. EUGENE IS NEXT!!!
    Anyone know why Greg was chewing on Bobby?? Bobby looked pissed. None of my party could figure out what the deal was. Oh well…

  4. killjoy says:

    Oh yeah – and you had to laugh when Greg apologized for April’s “laryngitis” and winked. (Though he DID chastize any people who may have thought he postponed for other reasons…)

  5. J says:

    what was that opener?? Any more notes on it?

  6. Ken H says:

    Can anyone out there help me out with purchasing a DVD? Thanks for your help… Thanks Greg for putting out some great music.

  7. pst says:

    Sucks that it was a non-smoking venue but Dulli and band were allowed to smoke. They shoulda made an exception to the rule tonight and let the audience follow their leader, cuz I was ready to light up…

  8. killjoy says:

    J – the opener, ‘debussy’, was Manuel playing a piece by that composer on piano. It was just a minute or so lead-in to ‘wristband’.

  9. Josh says:

    RE: “The many references to Kate Moss were not to the ACTUAL Ms. Moss. He was picking on a gal in the front left corner who was very sleepy. Even accused her of doing heroin. Hence the Moss label.”

    I’ve seen him many times, and never seen him “pick” on someone before like that. Sure, there is banter, but I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a running joke like that. A bit cruel? I’m no one to talk… I thought it was funny. Any chance to get him to talk to us…

  10. lee says:

    Eugene Setlist (Thanks, Don)

    feeling of gaze
    real love
    too tough to die
    nights in white satin / a love supreme / please stay
    esta noche
    king only
    decatur st.
    the twilite kid
    that’s just how that bird sings
    papillon / i’m a loser
    martin eden
    black is the color of my true love’s hair

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