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04 Tour: TS in Vancouver Tonight

leafHopefully, the band will have their passports in hand before making the journey into the Great White North. The Twilight Singers cross the border into Canada tonight for this show at Richard’s in Vancouver.

7 Responses to “04 Tour: TS in Vancouver Tonight”
  1. Salami says:

    When the hell are they coming to Toronto? Hot damn, it’s been years! Party with us!

  2. slim says:

    could not have said it better myself…

  3. s martin says:

    The show was great. Greg was in fine form(buzzed) and had me laughing histarically. I yelled out “Run rabbit eun” and he responded “how do you know that song”. All in good fun.
    They finished up with the musical finale of Layla. Awesome show guys…even if Greg did turn down my shot of tequela.

  4. keith says:

    No setlist or merch up dates from the canadians?????????????????

  5. jg says:

    Greg was drunk and in a good mood, but slightly incomprehensible during the encore. We got a 90 mins show with 1 encore. The first set was about the same as everyone else has, followed by an encore with one song (escapes me which one), then Greg talked for a little while about meeting a cute Persian girl on his last time in Vancouver – then something about altoids – then the guy offered him the tequila shot. That sent him off on Goodfellas, so they did the guitar solo end bit of Layla as it had been in the movie Goodfellas, and they disappeared from the stage. The music was good, but the sound wasn’t that great and I know Richards on Richards can do better. Small crowd, 250 at best. Maybe there just weren’t enough people to create the energy the band needed to get going.

    Merchandise was posters, tshirts, DVDs. Didn’t look like anything had sold out by the end of the night. They had been forced to do an early show by the club. Could be why they all just up and left at 10pm.

  6. jg says:

    Before any of you try to cyber-tar and feather me, I’m not saying the show was bad. Greg was funny and they played well, just that between the bad sound and the early, short show it could have been better, sounds like other tour stops got a better deal.

  7. killjoy says:

    Thanks for the info, jg. No “tar and feathering” here. Sorry some aspects of your show may not have been up to par. A 90-minute set that ended at 10:00??? Wow. Hard to imagine Greg taking the stage at 8:30. I could see that causing some people to miss the opening. I would be p*ssed. I’ll certainly take whatever I can get, though, where Greg is concerned…

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