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04 Tour: TS in Seattle Tonight – KEXP

The Twilight Singers will be performing in Seattle tonight at Neumos. At 3:00 PM PST, the band will be live on KEXP, 90.3 FM.

Show attendees and radio listeners are encouraged to drop setlists in the comments.

19 Responses to “04 Tour: TS in Seattle Tonight – KEXP”
  1. dave says:

    I just wanted to comment on Dulli for his badgering of BoSox fans at the TS show friday night in Cambridge. He said he loves baseball more than music and continually told us it was over. But Red Sox Nation believed and is rejoicing while the Skankees are home thinking about the biggest choke ever in baseball history. Whooo Hooo.

    Very much looking forward to hearing the show this afternoon.

  2. Jeff says:

    Setlist is:

    Lying (Martina Topley Bird)
    When You Sleep
    The Rose

    and I recorded it.
    and they asked one of the questions I sent in.

    I rule!

    I’d be willing to trade, but, I must warn you all I have a TON of shows.

  3. hayZeus says:

    A trader.. ah that sucks.. It was really good..
    By the time I realized that it was on, and tried to record it was over.. oh well..

    I never heard them do when you sleep.. but it was awesome, I was so excited I taught myself the song.. Cant wait for the SF show!.. ..

  4. hayZeus says:

    Anyone miss the interview its archived.. thank god

  5. blugel says:

    yeah, good for archiving, fuck that ‘oh i got it, along with lots of other stuff, so you all can only have if you are as leet as me’..fuck off

  6. Matthew Anderson says:

    I listened as well, and he answered on of my emailed questions! How the hell do you record streaming audio??? I’ve got an in-studio TS performance on UK radio I’d trade ya….

  7. Jeff says:

    Let me clear things up? I didn’t mean to be a jerko. Uhm, I recorded streams with a program called AAA Real Recorder. It’s really helpful to chop up those 60minute bootleg tracks that sometimes you come across. I did this with a show where they premiered Strange Fruit, I mentioned that I got in on mp3 into tracks and my inbox was flooded with people looking for handouts. I’m a full-time student, I would do B&Ps if I had the time, but I guess I was trying to say “serious traders only” or something. Sorry guys. seriously.

  8. JohnnyTruant says:

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up here…I’ve downloaded the uncompressed stream of the live show and I’m working on getting in cut, converted to MP3, and seeded for BitTorrent clients. As soon as I have the link for the corresponding torrent, I’ll post a link.

  9. lee says:

    thanks, johnny. getting a torrent up is a great idea.

    so, did anyone actually go to the show last night?

  10. Erin says:

    GO to streaming archive and set the time for 3:03. Make sure the date is THursday 21 of October. Greg and the band sound awesome…love the first song Lying….LOVE IT.

  11. Maarten says:

    I would love to have the show! I usually go for the great soulseek to share my music. ( My user name is maarten_vis. Just add me to your user list and give me a call. I have lots of live & b-side whigs/twilight stuff. That whole trading business sounds like crap to me. How can I trade what’s not mine to begin with?

    “share and share alike. I take what I require.”

  12. Matthew Anderson says:

    Maarten, you’ll be hearing from me soon! Thank GOD for people like you!

  13. kevbas says:

    Like in the 90’s when the cd writes cmae out they cost too much for your computer, and soon the craze started, with trading cds, but i was a RULE it must be 3 for 1 cds. So after paying 30.00 and even 50.00 for some sorry sounding boot.
    You had to wonder why?
    so the cd writes are as common now as a vcr or dvd in the home. There is no reason to have to screw people.
    We all are fans on this site, and we jst want to hear music we can’t buy, thats passion.
    So like I ve said before, anyone who wants a show that I have can! no 3 for 1
    offer to pay for or send cd-rs and postage.
    Thats how friends work, and this is a buddie system.
    we all have shows, its only fair for the ones that have to share with the ones who don’t have.
    no one is gonna make money trading unless your ripping people off.

  14. blugel says:

    god, after his apology and the continued onslaught, i’m sorry i threw the first stone. now anyways, what about a setlist for seattle’s concert?

  15. thaifoyd says:

    seattle show: very lackluster

  16. killjoy says:

    Very LACKLUSTER?!?

    Hardly. One of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. Setlist to follow…

  17. killjoy says:

    Sorry this is so late. Just got back into town.

    10/21/04 “Neumo’s” Seattle:

    teenage wristband
    too tough to die
    a love supreme / please stay / who’s that lady
    esta noche
    decatur st.
    feeling of gaze
    the twilite kid
    that’s just how that bird sings
    love hurts / love
    annie mae
    papillon / the joker / smells like teen spirit /
    martin eden
    black is the color of my true love’s hair
    time of the season

    ENCORE 1

    the killer
    when you sleep / the rose

    ENCORE 2

    crime scene part one
    the right time of the night / beth / faded

    * OUTSTANDING EFFORT FROM GREG AND THE BOYS. Fantastic. ‘A love supreme / please stay’ was augmented by some kick-ass saxophone courtesy of Scott Faruda (sp?). Just super cool. And ‘crime scene’ made my year. I couldn’t believe how great it sounded. Best quote of the night:

    “Be careful getting home, it’s a scary world out there. Especially with “W” in office. Get him outta there, Swing State!”

    I’ll try to be speedier with news from Portland and Eugene……………

  18. blugel says:

    so, um, not to pick, but still got that torrent a-coming eventually? dying to hear some new stuff, covers so be it.

  19. Conjure_Me says:

    Anyone having issues getting the show to play? All of my players are up to date but the d@mn just loads and doesn’t play.

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