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04 Tour: TS in Cambridge Tonight

Get out and see The Twilight Singers tonight in Cambridge, MA at The Middle East. Doors open at 8 PM.

The tour got off to a great start with a 20+ song set in Philly, complete with Def Leppard (!) and Kiss (!) snippets thrown into the mix. “Crime Scene Pt. 1” (!!!) from Black Love also made the cut.

At the merch table, take a look at the band’s new shirts and an official bootleg DVD of the Newport, KY show from April 6 of this year. The DVD is only $10.

Have fun, have safe travels, and post a setlist, will ya?

15 Responses to “04 Tour: TS in Cambridge Tonight”
  1. Paul says:

    So who’s all going tonight? Hopefully I’ll have a chance to chat with the fine folks I’ve met at previous shows. I’m still working on roping my friends into going, but we shall see.

  2. mike says:

    Crime Scene!! They opened their Philly show back on 2/17/99 at the TLA with that song! Tonight, tonight…………

    I hope they come around again as I missed them this time.

  3. Blake says:

    You know, I was being a good boy about the whole limited engagement tour thing. But then they just had to go and pull out Crime Scene. Evil, evil, evil, evil. Very jealous in neglekted D.C. But alas there will always be the next tour, with maybe Crime Scene?…

  4. Ken H says:

    I would like to buy that DVD….if anyone could help please cantact me!!!! I was at the Philly show..I flew in from Florida and missed the DVD or either sold out. Someone help…

  5. glowmoon says:

    Them dvds sound like some hot potatoes!!! Hopefully in the future they’ll be available on the TS site.

  6. tgrace says:

    Ditto on that dvd! Any kind souls able to help me out? Stuff to trade, too.

  7. scarredgod says:

    anyone with more info on that DVD? did TS simply bootleg the pre-existing bootleg or did TS have their own camera setup at the show?

  8. Rob says:

    Killer show, best of all the ones I’ve seen in the last year (5). GD looked great, the band & he ripped and the vibe was pretty good also.

    The list:
    Candy Cane Crawl
    Teenage Wristband
    Too Tough to Die
    Love Supreme
    Please Stay (who’s that lady snippet @ the end)
    Esta Noche
    Decatur St.
    Feeling of Gaze
    Twilight Kid
    That Bird Sings
    Annie Mae
    Papillon (Photograph ending)
    Martin Eden
    screwed around w/ If you see a chance by Winwood, sorta funny, about two verses….
    Black is the Color
    Time of the Season

    The Killer
    When You Sleep
    The Rose

    Crime Scene

    Lots of talk about his love of baseball “more than music”) and the sox/yankees/reds.

    says pedro is pitching for yanks next year and sox get sosa………..

    great show! great line-up!

  9. Rob says:

    by the way, the dvd was $20 @ the middle east….

  10. keith says:

    that sucks it was twenty bucks, I bought mine for ten in philly

  11. dave says:

    By the time I arrived at 9:30pm, the merch table told me the dvd’s were sold out. Then after the show, I still never saw any available. So, were are these dvd’s? I was really looking forward to getting one.

    Great show.

  12. Paul says:

    The DVDs sold out? Wow, they had a lot of them at the start, too.
    I have to agree, this show kicked ass. Lots of great interaction with the audience, too…and Dulli working his mojo.
    The highlight for the evening for me was the rendition of Decatur St. Already one of my favorite TS tunes, and, as I said to Rob, I didn’t know it could be made better. They managed to take an already smokin’ song and light it on fire, sending it careening down the street.

  13. Johnny says:

    If anyone can help me out with a copy of the DVD, please email me. I tried to get my hands on one last night, but no dice. Thanks much for the help.

  14. Jdiddy says:

    So I had to miss the Boston show unfortunately and am kicking myself today. Was thatthe My Bloody Valentine “When You Sleep” that he played? Oh my freaking god!! If it was I will be so mad. One of my all time fave songs. How did it sound? Also, if some gracious soul could pick me up the dvd at an upcoming show, I will pay for their copy as well. Not a bad deal, eh? Just shoot me an email please. I need the dvd asap. Thanks Email is

  15. Michael says:

    DVD was actually selling for $20. Just an FYI.

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