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She Loves You – Calgary Sun

4.5/5 Stars

by Mike Bell
Calgary Sun

Soul-mining experience

We who work in words steal.

We plunder because all there is, there has already been.

The path to a point has already been paved, with Wal-Marts, McDonald’s and Jiffy Lubes lining the sides and selling maps to points of human interest along the way.

There’s no original thought, no original idea.

Try telling someone you love them.

Try telling someone you’re sorry.

Try telling someone you hate them.

Try telling someone you want to … well, try telling someone the only thing you want is to lie next to them and hear their breathing subside, their heart calm and their skin cool before you’re awakened by the sounds of construction early the next morning.

The only way you can do it and make a difference is to mean it — mean it from the bottom of your soul. Say it, write it, sing it with a passion, an energy that makes the experience and the situation your own.

Need an example? Greg Dulli.

On She Loves You, Dulli — the best voice in rock music, period — takes the road most travelled, plucking strange fruit from the tree for 11 covers of such notable artists as Coltrane, Gaye, Gershwin, Buckingham and Bjork.

In doing so, he turns in one of the best albums of his career and one of the best albums of the year.

A soul-mining experience that seduces you — that turns down the lights and turns them out when it leaves just before dawn.

Yes, they’re the words of others, they’re cover songs.

But when he gets done with them, when Dulli’s done stroking them, having his way with them, they’re naked, brutal, beautiful — they’re uncovered.

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