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She Loves You Tomorrow

The new album from The Twilight Singers, She Loves You, is in stores tomorrow in the US. If you know of a shop that will be selling the disc at midnight, drop a note in the comments.

You can read the full liner notes here at Summer’s Kiss.

20 Responses to “She Loves You Tomorrow”
  1. DeLynn Berry says:

    The albumn is actually already available on the iTunes Music Store. I finished downloading it a few minuts ago.

  2. Jamie says:

    Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica had a copy. I think I may have grabbed the only one.

  3. MELANIE says:

    Not at best buy I was surprised. Had to go to wherehouse.

  4. TwilightSymphony says:

    not at the 2 best buys i went to nor circuit city. picked it up at borders.

  5. kristin says:

    In Cincinnati, I could only find it at everybody’s records

  6. jacob pepe says:

    I could not find “she loves you” at best buy or at circit city.I have two last hopes.

  7. Andy says:

    Best says it is back ordered 5-7 weeks. How is a new release back ordered when no one stocks it to begin with! erg.

  8. travis says:

    They only had one copy at Virgin MegaStore in NYC.
    What the ___?It’s okay, they also didnt have any copies of the new Steve Earle. That’s just ridiculous.
    HYPER BALLAD rocks!!

  9. Doug says:

    Very good album. I do love Hyperballad. However, I feel like it could have been much better. The drums aren’t loud enough… and I don not care for the electronic drums during the chorus. Still an awesome song. Heard them do it in Philly (Khyber) live!

  10. sheila says:

    SHE LOVES YOU came in the mail last night. GD and the TL**SGRS got it so good again. wouldn’t expect anything less. see you in los(T) angeles darlings.

  11. Jeremy says:

    Can anyone translate the Italian phrase on the disk?

  12. Goose says:

    Why does no one stock this album? All I could find was a promo copy. I got it for $5, but I wanted the real deal. They didn’t know when they would get the ‘commercial’ edition back in stock.

  13. Jamie says: is probably the best bet!!!

  14. Luis says:

    I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it anywhere locally, so I placed my order through Circuit City’s website.

    They seemed to have it in stock and shipped it out on the 24th. So here I sit, staring at the mailbox, patiently waiting for this disc to arrive.

    BTW, the only national retailer that I’ve consistently seen carry any TS releases are Borders and Barnes&Noble.

  15. greg says:

    The Borders near me had 2 copies. As well as Blackberry Belle. And I’m in NE Ohio, where’s there’s no good reason to carry it. So it sounds like Borders is a good bet.

  16. Steve says:

    If anyone has a tower records near them they have it there also or try tower records online. Great album as usual. Only Dulli can take those songs and make them sound like his own. Can’t stop playing “what makes you think…”

  17. jake says:

    doug, i was at the khyber too…I don’t remember that song, may have been the effects of too many La Fin du Monde’s…hhahah
    excellent album as usual…hyberballad is my favorite.

    I had pre-ordered mine from amazon, and had in my hands on tuesday.

  18. Doug says:

    Jake… I am sorry. You are correct. They played it at the Northstar. My fault. You still may have had too many drinks :))

    Great show… Got introduced to The Damnwells too 🙂 Their disc is very nice.

  19. John Goodburn says:

    Dulli and Co.’s ablilty to take such a vast array of original music and out their own spin on it is what makes them one of the best bands out there!!!! I saw them both times in NYC on the last tour, and it’s cool to hear these tracks again. I can’t wait until the next show.


  20. Nicola says:

    To be sincere, the album is good, but not as good as I expected. I mean, Dulli is one of my musical hero and he still kicks asses. But half of the record is a bit weak in my opinion, and the great cover of Hyperballad is ruined by a bad mix of the chorus. I love the first track and the last half of the record (from Skip James to Summertime). And what the hell happened to Greg’s voice in Fleetwood Mac’s tune? Anyway, thanks God dulli exists.

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