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Twilight Euro Mini-Tour Starts 2Nite

Reminder on upcoming gigs:

August 18th (Tonight!) London, Scala
August 19th Leicester, Charlotte
August 20th Belgium, Pukkelpop
August 21st Utrecht, Tivoli
August 22nd Molotow, Hamburg, Germany

If you make it to the shows, be sure to post a comment with setlist and other ‘bits.

Updated: Drowned in Sound review of the London show.

38 Responses to “Twilight Euro Mini-Tour Starts 2Nite”
  1. Rich says:

    Excellent gig, good to see Greg and the Guys on top form. Bobby Macintyre’s drumming was outstanding and by the look on the faces on and off the stage – everyone was enjoying themselves.
    Well worth the wait…

  2. SAL says:

    A fantastic gig and Greg even played two Afghan Whigs songs as an encore, Uptown Again and Faded. Can’t wait to see them again.

  3. Marcie says:

    Great as usual – completley mad covers of Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit and Bjork – Hyperballad.
    For me – Dulli seemed a bit distant compared to Islington Academy – anyone else get that vibe too?

  4. Alex. says:

    The London show was awesome and the new band line up was tight and super slick. They all looked to be having a good time and although Greg didn’t give us much of his usual banter between songs they did look they had come to London and were gonna rock out.

    Songs in no particular order included decatur st, thats just how that birds sings, teenage wristband, the twilite kid, esta noche, martin eden, love, annie mae, strange fruit, papillion, black is the colour, and a whole load of songs which I presume are on She Loves You.

    Highlights of the evening included riffing into Nirvana’s smells like teen spirit in the middle of papillion, Greg lighting up a cigarette for a guy in the crowd, the boys from Afterhours coming on stage and playing keys and drums and singing (summertime???), Greg telling the crowd it was his roadies birthday, and then claiming he loves the guy… oh and yeah… Bobby Macintyre playing the meanest tamborine solo you ever saw.

    Encores included Greg playing feeling of gaze all by himself on keys. You have gotta believe that it was a mindblowing version, and much, much better than what you are gonna hear on the new record. Last up were uptown again and faded, which I think stood alone as the only whigs references in the show. Yes sir, what an evening.London sure is a rock n roll town.

  5. Silly Billy says:

    I have to say, one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen.

  6. leroy_jack says:

    i eagerly await a u.s. tour.

  7. greg said that was one of the most trancendental gigs he’s played. reminded me of when i saw ravi shankar a few years back. last ntie was that high. maybe that’s why he seemed a distant relative to islington date. whatever, his voice truly reached the heavens last nite. can you imagine the stuff he’s gonna put in the next few years? its gonna be big! love to greg come back soon xxxxx

  8. Ronnie says:

    Fantastic show only spoilt somewhat by awful PA system and Scala curfew of 10.45.

    I agree not as great as the Islington gig, but still unmissable.

  9. robin says:

    Who and how was Peter Adams the keyboard player? Is he staying? thx

  10. Blu says:

    Could you please describe “the guy of the Afterhours” who has been on the stage with The Twilight Singers?
    Thank you so much!!
    bye bye

  11. Dave@leicester says:

    My first intro to band did not dissapoint at Leicester Charlotte tonight despite poor PA. Wall of sound still ringing in my ears. The Band really gelled. Will it be another 12 years untill Greg returns ??. Hopefully NOT !!

  12. Dave@leicester says:

    My first intro to band did not dissapoint at Leicester Charlotte tonight despite poor PA. Wall of sound still ringing in my ears. The Band really gelled. Will it be another 12 years untill Greg returns ??. Hopefully NOT !!

  13. Christy from Georgia says:

    Awesome show! Enjoyed it thoroughly. Set list was-
    Esta Noche
    Too tough
    That bird sings
    Decatur Street
    Teenage Wristband
    Twilite kid
    annie mae
    candy cane
    martin eden
    black is the color
    the killer

    taken from one of the set lists on stage that i brought home. Really glad they came back so soon. Hope to see them again! Bobby really really nice and great drummer as usual. Superb performance from everyone!

  14. Richard Coyne says:

    Bollox Bollox Bollox! I missed the gig in Leicester on th 19th. When are the coming back to th UK? If they are going to return this year please let me know. Thanks.

  15. Stephan says:

    I thought the London gig was great!!! But the Islington gig was amazing…..Also it was a shame that the time was limited. It felt like a lot of the songs were played in shorter versions to make room for a longer set list. But still it was a great night.

    Were there a lot of people at the Leicester gig?


  16. Rob says:

    We reckon about 100-150 people at the Charlotte last night..

  17. Christophe says:

    Pukkelpop 2004, day 2
    Everyone who wasn’t there doesn’t know what they’ve missed.
    Greg made an appearance during the show from Mark Lanegan (Methamphetamine Blues) and later that night day Mark returned the favour with Strange Fruit.
    Add those extras to an allready marvelous concert and you get a night to remember.

  18. Christophe says:

    Here’s the setlist from the Pukkelpop-Concert

    Esta Noche
    That’s Just How That Bird Sings
    Too Tough To Die
    The Twilight Kid
    Love (with the “All You Need Is Love” Intro)
    Annie Mae
    Strange Fruit (feat. Mark Lanegan)
    Martin Eden
    If I Were Going
    Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair

    Uptown Again (intro “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”)

  19. guest says:

    I just returned from the Utrecht show, which was great.
    The set-list included:
    that bird sings
    esta noche
    teenage wristband
    twilite kid
    decatur st.
    too tough to die
    (all you need is) love
    annie mae
    martin eden
    black is the color
    time of the season

    feeling of gaze
    the killer

    uptown again

    and one brand new song

    That’s all I can remember right now.

  20. Tom says:

    Utrecht was truly amazing. A gig that went back and beyond 😉 Although Greg felt like reminding us ‘come on people this is a concert!’ , he and the band (what an outstanding group of musicians!) really put out a breathtaking, bloodshocking concert!

    Thanx Guys!

  21. Maarten says:

    I thought the concert was great, but Greg got really drunk and he and the band did mess up from time to time. (Especially the 66/hey ya part) It doesn’t really help his singing either. What exactly does he drink, anyway? He finished a whole bottle of a certain liquor during the show…

    The venue was half empty, because of the lowlands festival, i think. (Greg started the show saying: ‘Welcome to Lowlands 2’)

    Personal highlights:

    Decataur St.
    Papillion (Which Smells Like Teen Spirit ad lib)
    Too Tough To Die
    The Killer/Roses

    See ya people.


  22. Paul says:

    I agree that the concert in Utrecht’s Tivoli was excellent. Especially drummer Bobby Macintyre stole the show. All the guys were in a very good mood and that contributed to the wonderful atmosphere.
    The public was a little bit silent, but hey, this is Holland and I think all and all that it was ’cause we enjoyed it so much. Furthermore, many of us were overwhelmed by the volume!
    Thank you for a fantastic evening!

  23. Dax says:

    Wow! The Twilight Singers were the best gig I saw at Pukkelpop! Not as great as in Tipitina’s in New Orleans, but only with a slight margin. I can die now… from happiness!

  24. glowmoon says:

    And in happiness do we dwell in this afterlife. New Album to be released in the next 24 hrs and revues from Molotow, Hamburg, Germany still on the horizon. I wish all a safe aftermath/return.

  25. Pat says:

    The Utrecht show was really great despite a disappointing turnout. Tivoli was half full at best and the crowd was a bit quiet. Greg and the guys compensated for it by playing as loud as they could.

    Personal highlight: Greg asking for names of dutch artists to cover. Some guy shouted “George Baker!”. Greg thought he said “George Micheal” and invited him to come by after the show and see his George Michael impersonation in the rest rooms. 🙂

  26. fabiola says:

    just got back to stockholm from london and the scala gig. yeah I had a great time, greg you made my life! Hope to see you next time in sweden…soon!

  27. marc says:

    i was at the leicester charlotte AND london scala show. both great – cant decide which was better. very different. the charlotte one had less lengthy intros/outros at times, but they were really blasting these songs out. there are plenty of comments on the scala, so a couple more notes on the leicester charlotte show – the setlist above is right, but we had dont’t fear the reaper leading into uptown again, and summertime leading into faded…

    greg was on top form (much more animated/talkative than at the scala), there only about 100 people there… show didnt start til 9.50pm, but didnt end til about 11.30. no support act. greg made references to the local football team and stuff, and mentioned playing with the whigs 12/13 years ago (paraphrased quote ‘we burnt the place down that night – nice to see they rebuilt it, but we’re gonna burn it down again’)

    whole show was great.

    GD looked genuinely surprised by how much he enjoyed the show (ticket sales were pretty low, but people were really enjoying it), at the end he described it as ‘a fucking great time’ and i would have to agree. sorry i typed this a bit fast… things to do.

  28. rad says:

    This is a little late in coming (I was hungover), but here’s my little review of the Hamburg gig (since somebody asked):
    Dulli kicked off the show with a ‘Hamburg, you will obey me’, but while the audience of max. 200 (?) seemed to enjoy themselves, enthusiasm was less than orgasmic – maybe TS shows are becoming something of a routine in Hamburg; after all, it was their second show here this year. During encores, a couple of people had a chat, which annoyed Mr. Dulli not a little. Don’t get me wrong, the show was all good, including those Nirvana and Outkast stints; Strange Fruit & Black is the Color were amazing. Dulli was in a great goofy mood, joking around, for example letting us know of the drummer’s interest in porn kinos (the location is in Hamburg’s famous redlight district). The band, especially the porn-prone member, rocked hard. In the end though, I think the encores amounted to around half the songs than in the January show. I expect the band back by next spring, thank you.

  29. Nameless says:

    The Hamburg audience was desperate for entertainment in Dullis’s Hamburg concert and it was the audience that failed to meet its own expectatios. That seems to make Dulli angry. The concert endet as it started: All of a sudden. Tactics? Dulli likes to control his audience. He began the concert with the statement “You will obey me Hamburg!” When he says things like that you unwillingly concetrate on his attitude rather than his music. So, yes in a way we did obey… Adopting a genuine nordic attitude, I would list down all the songs he sang but I don’t remember a thing. At the end of the day it was a good night concert drawing a lot from the relation of the singer to his audience and yes that why we go to concerts for: All this confusing, provocating, despairing excitement for entertainment. I’m really interested in how audiences in other cities are, so write your impressions.

  30. Steven says:

    Very good show in Utrecht. Not enough people there though. Spoke the drummer afterwards. He said that they were already working on a new album due Spring 2005. Good lookin’.

  31. Robert says:

    Utrecht show slightly less than Amsterdam in January, the low turn out certainly did not help, but nevertheless most people who were there seemed to enjoy themselves. Great new song (dunno the title), bit back to the Whigs-style. Next year Amsterdam again?

  32. patrick says:

    Amazing show at the belgian Pukkelpop festival; after midnight on the 2nd day with another day to go, 8 stages and over 100 bands to see, no wonder the marquee was half-empty (still a couple of thousand) and THEY BLEW THE ROOF OFF THE PLACE. Best band of the 3 days !!!!
    Full european tour soon, please…

  33. some chump says:

    at pukkelpop – dulli joined lanegan on backing vox for lanegan’s ‘methamphetamine blues’ (along with nick oliveri of QOTSA)… lanegan came out to sing strange fruit with dulli… eagerly awaiting The Gutter Twins. hope they dont put it off forever…

  34. Bruno says:

    Christophe forgot ‘Teenage Wristband’ on his Pukkelpop setlist.
    It was playes right before ‘The Twilight Kid’.
    And.. it was a FABULOUS concert !!

  35. Christophe says:

    What a terrible mistake to make. Especially since I’ve got a setlist at home.

  36. Steven says:

    On the Twilight Singers site, a review read “On the heels of 2003’s “Blackberry Belle,” the re-christened Dulli’s Twilight Singers are issuing the first of three thematic cover albums.” Does anybody have a confirmation on this fact (e.g., three thematic cover albums)?

  37. Christophe says:

    I’ve read about that too, several times.
    After “She Loves You” there’ll be “She Loves Me” and at the end “She Loves Me Not”.
    In the mean time Greg Dulli is allso working on the official followup for “Blackberry Belle” and his project with Mark Lanegan “The Gutter Twins”.

    If that’s all true we are all in for a treat.

  38. Christophe says:

    She Loves You, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
    I’ve read that too, several times.
    That and the rumours that he’s allso working on the oficial followup for “Blackberry Belle”, that and The Gutter Twins.

    If that’s all true we’re all in for a treat.

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