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Real Love on KEXP

Tune in to KEXP if you’re in Seattle (or online with iTunes). They’re teasing “Real Love” coming up within the hour.

Update: “Real Love” was played at 4:44 PM EST

3 Responses to “Real Love on KEXP”
  1. TwilightSymphony says:

    you can still listen to the song if you want. go to and then listen by time…sun, aug 1 at approx 1:42 PM. 3 hour time difference from the eastern time posted. enjoy.

  2. JohnnyTruant says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that there are three cuts from She Loves You at Feeling of Gaze, Real Love, and Hard Time Killing Floor. Check ’em out; they all kick some serious tail.

  3. Gerald says:

    S’funny. Real Love was the cover I was looking forward to least. But on hearing it… damn it’s so good. It reminds me, not the way it sounds but in it’s feeling, of Mr Superlove. The crying/ wailing guitar also reminds me of Honkeys Ladder too.

    I’m not saying it’s a re- hash. Just all the things I love about his music most.

    That album can’t come out quick enough.

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