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Johnny Digs “She Loves You”

Johnny Loftus is waxing about She Loves You over at his Glorious Noise blog.

Although I haven’t written about it yet, Greg Dulli’s Twilight Singers are ruling my butterflies with She Loves You, their covers record. Ever wondered what Mary J Blige’s “Real Love”, or perhaps Bjork’s “Hyperballad” would sound like channeled through the sex and red wine fog of Dulli’s manic frontal lobe?

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2 Responses to “Johnny Digs “She Loves You””
  1. twilightsymphony says:

    i cant wait to get this CD…it would be cool if you had a comments section for every news piece you post on the site, that Dulli at piece is FULL of info!

  2. G says:

    I agree with the above, I’d like to see some comments about the Billboard article, specifically about his touring for the She Loves You record. According to Billboard, Dulli won’t be playing any shows in the States for it, but according to a friend of mine, NME says he plans to do some shows here in the Fall. Granted, I have not seen this article, but gosh darn do I hope the British & my friend know what the heck are talking about.

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