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Looking Forward to GT

In a recent interview, Greg had this to say about the Gutter Twins tour:

The next time “we tour, we will perform songs from the Gutter Twins, the Twilight Singers, Mark’s solo stuff, the Screaming Trees, the Afghan Whigs — and any other covers that we’ve done along the way,” says Dulli. “We’ll be able to pick from a couple hundred songs.”

What back cataglog tunes from these guys would you want to hear live? Which old songs would benefit most from the collaboration? Keep it short (less than 5 songs) and leave a comment.

18 Responses to “Looking Forward to GT”
  1. lee says:

    Here goes:

    Screaming Trees “Nearly Lost You”
    I’d love to hear Greg and Mark trading verses.

    Twilight Singers “King Only”
    Mark’s voice and those lyrics – untouchable.

    Afghan Whigs/Supremes “Come See About Me”
    Could it get any darker? We’d find out.

  2. doug s says:

    I don’t have any familiarity with Lanegan songs, but Dulli, oh yes:

    1. When We Two Parted: Lanegan sings the first verse; Dulli does the second. They duet on the ending lines “out of the night…”

    2. Mr. Superlove: Lanegan sings. Dulli does the “Falling out” echo.

    3. The Temple!

    4. Milez iz Ded: Lanegan sings the verses. Dulli the “Don’t forget the alcohol” chorus

    5. Let Me Lie to You: I don’t care who the freak sings it, just play this song!


  3. carlos says:

    1) mr superlove (ass ponys)
    2) miles iz ded (afghan whigs)
    3) dollar bill (screaming trees)
    4) crime scene part 1 (afghan whigs)
    5) domani (twilight singers)

  4. Melanie says:

    1. Domani
    2. methamphetamine Blues
    3. Fat City (slight return)
    4. Easily Persuaded
    5. I keep coming back

  5. Erin says:

    1. Now You Know
    2. Nearly Lost You
    3. The Killer
    4. Conjure Me
    5. You My Flower

  6. naveen says:

    1) nearly lost you (screaming trees)
    2) summer’s kiss
    3) fat city (slight return)
    4) my curse
    5) let me lie to you

  7. Ron says:

    1 Uptown Again
    2 My Enemy
    3 Debonair
    4 The End of the Universe (Trees)
    5 66
    6 Nearly Lost You
    Dont forget about Michigan next tour!Had to drive 4 hours to Chicago last time.It was worth it,I just dont generally condone sleeping at the wheel!!

  8. ryan says:

    simple and sweet, summer’s kiss!

  9. LOU says:


  10. Rocko1978 says:

    How about Jesus Christ Superstar in it’s entirety, with Lanegan as Jesus and Dulli as Judas? Apollonia could be Mary Magdeline.

    Failing that:

    The Temptations-I’m Losing You
    Sam Cooke-A Change Is Gonna Come
    Alica Keys- Heartburn
    Beatles-Baby’s In Black
    The Clash-London Calling

  11. rene says:

    I love these interactive features, Lee!
    I was just thinking this weekend that we need a request page.

    The current covers of Stange Fruit and Hyperballand are exquisite.

    I would die and go to heaven to hear them duet on Mr. Superlove.
    Greg singing on I Nearly Lost You would be pretty great.

    And how about Goin’ to Town and
    When We Parted.
    Greg used to transition into The Ex Factor (Lauryn Hill) from When We Parted…I think that version needs a comeback.

  12. Brent says:

    1. Milez-Whigs
    2. St. Gregory-TS
    3. Somebody Wants You-G.D. & Lo Fidelity Allstars
    4. Cigarette-TS
    5. Halo of Ashes-Screaming Trees
    6. In The Pines aka Where Did You Sleep Last Night-Leadbelly & Nirvana

    Why not???

  13. Conjure_Me says:

    1. Mr. Superlove *melt*
    2. Summer’s Kiss
    3. Darkness Darkness
    4. Revenge
    5. My Curse

    Can’t wait for the next tour! 🙂

  14. jennifer says:

    Mr. Superlove!!!
    Nearly Lost You
    Turn On The Water
    Miles Iz Dead

  15. jennifer says:

    forgot to add a plea to come back to Chapel Hill, NC

  16. Lawrence says:

    Missed the TS UK tour with ****ing glandular fever. Would happily watch fatty and smokey play britney covers all night, but since we’re dreaming:

    1 Mr. Superlove. Yes.
    2 methamphetamine blues (but give dulli more to do)
    3 now you know
    4 crime scene pt.1
    5 when we two parted

  17. mark says:

    I’m going 10 songs, I don’t care. The 1st 5 being Lanegan songs that Dulli would make rule even more, the 2nd 5 Dulli songs that would do very well with Lanegan helping out.

    1. Don’t Forget Me – Lanegan’s Field Songs CD
    2. I’ll Take Care of You – Lanegan’s I’ll take Care of you CD. I don’t know who originally wrote it, but I know Etta James is one of many to record it.
    3. House of a Home – Lanegan’s Whiskey for the Holy Ghost
    4. Butterfly – Screaming Trees’ Sweet Oblivion
    5. No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age’s Song for the Deaf (this one purely for shits & giggles)

    1. Fountain & Fairfax
    2. Let me Lie to You (This could actually be too perfect for the two of them)
    3. Love
    4. Night By Candlelight
    5. Vampire Lanois

  18. Victor Hell says:

    1. Start out the set with Crime Scene pt. 1, bleed into my enemy, technically, yes, this is two songs, but this is my pipe dream, so deal with it!

    2. Bulletproof, with the whole Supremes interlude thing the ‘Whigs did during the Black Love tour.

    3. I Am the Sticks

    4. Be Sweet

    5. Wrap it up with Faded (an obvious choice, but also a good one…)

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