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Spaceland Setlist 04

Esta Noche
Teenage Wristband
Twilite Kid
Decatur St.
Too Tough To Die
Annie Mae
Martin Eden
Black is the Color

ENC 1:

Dancing Queen (Greg solo on piano)
The Killer (lots of chatting with crowd)
Roses (The Rose)
Strange Fruit/She’s So Heavy w/ Mark Lanegan
Number Nine w/ Mark Lanegan
Helter Skelter (on setlist… not played)

ENC 2:

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper/ Uptown Again (not on setlist)
Crazy (Little Red Corvette)
Faded (false start)
66 (Hey Ya)

Thanks (again) Dan & M & Amy!

Revised 4/16 1:40 PM

5 Responses to “Spaceland Setlist 04”
  1. FilmSurgeon says:

    I don’t recall it’s position in the set list, but ‘That Bird Sings’ was also performed. Amazing show! Greg smashing a (breakaway) beer bottle on the bassists head floored me!

  2. sully says:

    i have a headache.

  3. kiki mcluscious says:

    want me to rub it?

  4. BigShemp says:

    Ye Gods am I hungover. Two great shows in a row.

    “That Bird Sings” was early in the set, if I remember correctly.

  5. HM says:

    Right after the 1st encore, I had a chance to speak with Greg; I explained how amazing he and his music have been over the last 15 years of my life to me. He then put his arm around me and said. “The rides not over, I have no intention of stopping” such a humble man for being the Savoir of Misbehavior.

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