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Homecoming Tonight

Greg Dulli’s Twilight Singers pull into Cincinnati tonight.

Last night’s show in Columbus featured a brief duet with Marcy Mays (of “My Curse” and Scrawl fame). Extra cover bits included Abba’s “Dancing Queen,” and a revival of “Time of the Season” by the Zombies.

Expect more than a few surprises tonight at the Southgate House.

Columbus Photos at DoneWaiting.

–Thanks, Mike!

10 Responses to “Homecoming Tonight”
  1. sanguine says:

    so, marcy’s making it to cincy, huh? it’s ON!!!

  2. ctrent says:

    damn work… fuck, fuck, fuck

  3. mjhaller says:

    At least Greg answered my question about the Reds. I’m a Yankee fan myself.

  4. Ryan Coslett says:

    I have an extra ticket to the show tonight if anyone’s interested? Psyched about Marcy and the entire show! I’ve been one of Greg’s biggest fans for 10 years and this is my FIRST time seeing him live! Can’t wait. Call (513) 252-8617 if interested in the ticket. See you tonight! Ryan

  5. ctrent says:

    fuckin’ bastard of a friend went, called me at work and told me how fuckin’ incredible the show was. bastard. piece. of. shit. i’m pissed.

  6. ryan says:

    marcy mays *and* john curley and greg’s mom and other relatives and ‘my curse’ and what more needs to be said? what more *can* be said. a day of rest then off to indy.

  7. Jill says:

    Hi! Had a great time at both Columbus and Cincy shows. I wrote about it. There is a New messageboard where I posted my reviews of the shows in the (Talk Section). Maybe the people from this Messageboard could join that one to keep the messages and reviews coming… Here is the link…

    Donewaiting…Please send those Columbus photos to the link above at the New site, so they stay there forever. I took NO Pictures at Little Brother’s in Columbus and those are really, really great! Really!

    Jill in Fairfield

    P.S. – Thanks to Ross for sending this SK site the question of mine that was answered on CD101, since I missed the show.

    Can’t wait to hear about other shows and see more pictures…Thanks!

  8. sanguine says:

    hey, great show. marcy mays, doug falsetti, and john curley are always welcome additions. i’ve got a set list in my car that i can post later today can’t rely on my faded memory.

  9. ryan says:

    …still reeling from the show. does the band not mind photos being taken? i had my camera but wasnt sure. and, this being my first twilight singers show (or even whigs), what are the chances of a recording showing up? are their shows usually recorded and passed around or not much activity with this? just wondering…

  10. sanguine says:

    here’s the setlist i nabbed. others can add the addlibbed stuff mollie.

    Decatur St.
    Too Tough
    That Bird Sings
    King Only
    Esta Noche
    Teenage Wristband
    Twilite Kid
    Annie Mae
    Martin Eden
    Black is the Color

    Black Love
    The Killer

    My Curse
    (Don’t Fear) the Reaper
    Uptown Again
    Somethin’ Hot

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