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Boston 04 Setlist

Decatur Street
Too Tough To Die (lyrics on stage but not used)
That’s Just How That Bird Sings
Este Noche
Teenage Wristband
Twilite Kid
Love (All You Need is Love intro)
Annie Mae
Martin Eden
Papillon (first verse of Retarded outro)
Black is the Color (Summertime intro)

Black Love (solo)
The Killer
Layla Coda (not on setlist)

Strange Fruit (She’s so heavy mid song tease)
Don’t Fear the Reaper / Uptown Again
Something Hot

Thanks, Rob!

13 Responses to “Boston 04 Setlist”
  1. BlackJack says:

    were in Philly April 1st. I had never got to see the Whigs. Dulli seemed nothing like I’d expected: the photos in the last five years make him come off like a trying-too-hard chubby dweeb, but the guy I saw had every reason to be cocky. He was magic: charismatic, fun-loving and convincingly honest. Philly is nicknamed “Hostile City,” and a lot of bands get the silent treatment, but The Singers transformed us. This was the first live show I’ve enjoyed since 2000. I’m really, really excited to see what they do next.

  2. kinzer says:

    I was at the Philly show too.

    Took two friends w/ limited exposure to The Dulli.

    Both were floored and amazed and made believers.

    The Dulli is an entertainer like none other.

    We also got the first part of “Retarded”

  3. Keef69 says:

    I didn’t see this show, but I saw the Atlanta one.
    I also brought a friend to the show with limited exposure to the T.S./A.W.
    The show was amazing and upon leaving my friend said “I want to come back next year”.
    Dulli and Co. do have the power to convert.
    For me it was like going to church, and my soul’s better for it! Peace…..

  4. John Goodburn says:

    I went to the show last night @ Warsaw, and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saw them last fall at the Bowery Ballroom, and was a bit dissapinted. Not with the show, but with the crowd. Last night gave me hope that New York City knows great rock when they hear it. Dulli was phenomenal, and not quite as drunk as last fall, which made for a much better show. I can’t wait to hear the new albums, and will continue to follow them.


  5. G says:

    I second John’s commments. TS at the Warsaw was a great show, much better than the meandering show at Bowery last year. Unfortunaltey, for the Warsaw show I was probably more drunk than Dulli was when he played Bowery, so the second encore is fuzzy, but everything I do remember was one of the best rock shows I’ve seen in a long time

  6. mac1 says:

    The Boston performance was fantastic and The Paradise was the perfect setting for the show. In spite of the hour+ delay in getting on the stage Greg Dulli and friends put on a great show and I will never miss another local show by The Twilight Singers. Every musician was top notch and I have never seen a drummer like this guy.

    Can this band get any better? Please add Mark Lanegan and see. Peace.

  7. mjhaller says:

    The WARSAW show was excellent. Nice place and great crowd. I saw them previously on the first leg of the tour at the Khyber Pass in Philly, WARSAW was 20 times as big. Great polish neighborhood with good food at restaraunts on Manhattan Ave. I was able to get a set list off the stage. Spoke to Steve Meyers before the show in one of the rooms off the main room and afterwards spoke with the keyboardist. TS are having a good time. Rock and Roll is not dead, except on NY radio.

  8. Jude says:

    Was at both the Philly and Brooklyn shows. Both were excellent. Although there seemed to be a lot of activity in and around Greg during the Brooklyn show. Any info on that? Like what was with the big guy standing in the corner of the stage all night. I heard there was a supposed need for some extra security.
    Anyone with any insights?

  9. tim says:

    I was at the Boston show on Friday night, as well, and damnit if I didn’t catch Greg’s cold. I’ve been sweating it out for the past 24 hours. Definitely worth it, though.

  10. Jason says:

    Regarding the guy who preferred the Bowery Ballroom show to the Warsaw show: I have to disagree and am posting this only b/c at the Warsaw Greg declared a “vow of silence” after getting flak for his Bowery antics and I’d like to combat that. The Warsaw show was phenomenal. No doubt about it; much improvement over the Baltimore show earlier in the week. But the Bowery show last fall was beyond a concert. It was more like some sort of revival. Never before have I seen a performer’s stage show so perfectly mirror the recorded work. Greg went from tipsy to complete inebriation back into rapturous recovery. There was pathos, anger, sadness, childishness, destructiveness, volume – everything that the recorded work so vividly captures. He called himself a “rock comet” and I believed it. Though his commentary was drunken and even ridiculous at times, it made for a complete experience that was so much more than just six guys playing music together. The band was alive and teetering on the edge of falling apart in a way that was vital. There were some in the crowd who didn’t get it, but I put them in the same catagory as those fools who spent the whole Warsaw show taking pictures with their fucking cell phones. I don’t go to a Twilight Singers’ show to hear the record recreated or to take photos. I go for the whole experience and to be taken away from myself and to know myself and to simply flip the fuck out, scream myself dry, and feel these songs that I love so much -as well as their performer- get sucked up into something transcendent and rapturous. The Bowery show was just that; something that is sadly rare these days. The Warsaw show was spectacular, but I hope that a few messageboard comments aren’t enough to tame the man and his band.

  11. nyc says:


    Well said, couldn’t agree more. The interaction with the crowd (good or bad) makes the twilight shows epic. The shows so far on this leg, while excellent, haven’t quite hit the level of insanity the Bowery show produced.

  12. Joe says:

    To each his own. No reason to disrespect those who have a different opinion. I was at the Warsaw and Bowery shows as well, and to say that “There were some in the crowd who didn’t get it, but I put them in the same catagory as those fools who spent the whole Warsaw show taking pictures with their fucking cell phones” is silly. No need to put down those who in your words “didn’t get it” – I “got it” but still found the rambling at the end Bowery show a little much. And before you prattle on about how you’ve been to X number of shows, don’t – I’ve been to more than enough AW/TS shows to have an opinion as well. In the end, its all good.

  13. lee says:

    yep, it’s all good. points scored all around.

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