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Twilight Singers Dates in 2004

01.13.04 London – XFM Radio
01.14.04 Amsterdam – VPRO Radio
01.15.04 A.B, Brussells
01.16.04 Paradiso, Amersterdam
01.18.04 Vega, Copenhagen
01.19.04 Voxhall, Aarhus
01.20.04 Pustrivksbaren, Goteburg
01.21.04 John Dee, Oslo
01.22.04 Debaser, Stockholm
01.24.04 Logo, Hamburg
01.25.04 Oxyde, Haldern
01.27.04 Roadmender, Northampton
01.28.04 Islington Academy, London
01.29.04 Empire, Belfast
01.30.04 Whelans, Dublin
01.31.04 King Tuts, Glasgow
02.02.04 Hop and Grape, Manchester
02.03.04 Uni, Liverpool
02.04.04 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
02.06.04 Zo, Catania
02.08.04 Zo, Catania
02.11.04 Alcatraz, Milan
02.12.04 Velvet Rock Club, Rimini
02.13.04 Villaggio Globale, Rome

Orlando, FL 3/27/04 – The Social
Atlanta, GA 3/28/04 – Smith’s Olde Bar
Carrboro, NC 3/29/04 – Cat’s Cradle
Baltimore, MD 3/30/04 – Fletcher’s Bar & Grill
Philadelphia, PA 4/1/04 – North Star Bar
Boston, MA 4/2/04 – Paradise Rock Club
Brooklyn, NY 4/3/04 – Warsaw
Columbus, OH 4/5/04 – Little Brother’s
Newport, Kentucky 4/6/04 – Southgate House
Chicago, IL 4/7/04 – Metro/Smart Bar
Indianapolis, IN 4/8/04 – Patio Lounge
Minneapolis, MN 4/9/04 – Fine Line Music Cafe
Denver, CO 4/11/04 – Larimer Lounge
West Hollywood CA 4/14/04 – Troubadour
Los Angeles, CA 4/15/04 – Spaceland
San Francisco, CA 4/17/04 – Great American Music Hall
Portland, OR 4/19/04 – Berbati’s Pan – Postponed
Seattle, WA 4/20/04 – Neumo’s – Postponed
New Orleans, LA 4/29/04 – One Eyed Jacks

Europe “She Loves You” Mini-tour
August 18th London, Scala
August 19th Leicester, Charlotte
August 20th Belgium, Pukkelpop
August 21st Utrecht, Tivoli
August 22nd Molotow, Hamburg, Germany

US “She Loves You” Dates
10/13 – Philly, The North Star
10/15 – Cambridge, Middle East
10/16 – NYC, Irving Plaza
10/21 – Seattle, Neumos
10/22 – Vancouver, Richards
10/23 – Portland, Doug Fir
10/24 – Eugene, WOW Hall
10/26 – San Francisco, The Independent
10/27 – Los Angeles, El Rey Theater

Italy, Spain, and Greece
12/08 – Firenze – Auditorium Flog
12/09 – Roma – Teatro Tenda Villaggio Globale
12/10 – Roncade (Treviso) – New Age Club
12/11 – Rimini – Velvet Rock Club
12/12 – Torino – Hiroshima Mon Amour
12/13 – Milano – Rainbow
12/15 – Barcelona, Spain – Razzmatazz
12/17 – Athens, Greece – Gagarin 205
12/18 – Thessaloniki, Greece – Fix Club

22 Responses to “Twilight Singers Dates in 2004”
  1. kevin says:

    we ask for memphis….i drive to atlanta.. not too bad… 😉 thanks greg for meeting u b4 the show and the show all together. it was worth it. please try st. louis , nashville, or here in memphis!

  2. John Goodburn says:

    I had absolutely no issues with the performance last fall @ Bowery Ballroom. I just thought a great deal of the crowd sucked, and they failed to appreciate Dulli’s stories. I was actually a bit dissapointed not to hear further rambling @ Warsaw. Ultimately, different strokes for different folks.


  3. Ken says:

    I was in Orlando for the opening show. The crowd was horrible!!! Greg…saw you in in ATL during the 1965 tour. I was blown away in Orlando by the performance and was hungry for more. I will catch you on the flip side hopefully….been a fan since Big Top Halloween!!

  4. Shag says:

    The show at Metro (in Chicago) was absolutely amazing. Greg’s slightly over-served swagger and deft humor had the crowd in stitches, and the band was at the top of their game. What an effin’ great show . . .

  5. modmama says:

    missed the brooklyn show due to the early birth of my daughter. anyone care to enlighten me on the evening?

  6. egh says:




  7. Lynn says:

    Hey, they were filming the SF show. Anyone know what it’s for?

  8. frankee says:

    the islington show was absafuckinlutelyRAD. greg, come visit us soon you crazy malaka!

    lots of love from london.

  9. Doris says:

    On I saw that The Twilight Singers will be playing on the Pukkelpop Festival on August 20th. But I did not find any corresponding date on any official Twilight Singers site. Can anyone confirm that they will be really playing there? I was just wondering why they would just play this one Festival in Europe.


  10. The Dogger says:

    Caught Twilight in Omaha, NE back in October 2003. Best show the town has seen in years.

  11. Mike says:

    Will Greg & co be coming back to Ireland in the near future ?

  12. Cynara says:

    Ever wondering (and always hopeful) that we may one day see Mr Dulli in Australia??? Wish we weren’t so far from the rest…..

  13. Nick says:

    Show at the Scala was superb!! Can I have some of what the drummer was on!!

  14. Bored says:

    The Fine Line show in Minneapolis was fantastic. Nice guest spot by Rick M!!

  15. Rick says:

    Have seen ‘m in Amsterdam in january and recently in Utrecht; Dulli&band delivered both times!
    You really don’t want concerts like this to end.His bag of songs is huge!
    Just wished that a certain special person could have seen it too..

  16. Adam says:

    Hola desde barcelona- Greg- saw the whigs play 4 times in Manchester UK 92-96, inc boardwalk gig where you danced with the drummer naked (him, not u) u’d had a couple of pints that night!? any chance of you coming over to barcelona soon? keep missing you when i’m back in the uk- well, see ya next time.

  17. Si says:

    Hey…need to know if the Singers are planning on comming back to the UK anytime soon, saw them at Nottingham earlier this year and have thought about little else since, just unbelievable.

  18. MP says:

    Saw Greg and the boys in Detroit last year, but I had to drive from Toronto to do it. Any idea if he’s ever coming up here? Or even Detroit again – I’ll drive again!!!!!!!!!! Until then, washing my panties in Woolite…

  19. Norma says:

    Doesn’t Greg love me down in Texas? It’s been almost a year!

  20. Christy says:

    Saw them in Manchester and again at Nottingham…ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Breathtakingly good.

  21. Teresa says:

    If dreaming of the impossible is Hope, I want to believe that before my 40’s i get to see Greg, and the Twilight Singers. Why they do not come over to Lisbon ? Can anybody tell me ? Why do i have to live in this country ?

  22. Joan says:

    Great to know that you guys are coming to Barcelona in Dec. I’ll sure be there…Can’t wait!…

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