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Atlanta 04 Setlist

The Atlanta show was fantastic. The crowd had great energy, and the band reciprocated.

Strange Fruit
Esta Noche
Teenage Wristband
Twilight Kid
Too Tough To Die
Bird Sings
Decatur St
Annie Mae
Martin Eden
Papillon/If I Were Going
Black is the Color
The Passion of the Christ monologue/Celebration (Kool & the Gang)
Black Love
The Killer/Roses (Outkast)
Layla Coda
Somethin’ Hot
Don’t Fear the Reaper/Uptown Again

It was great to see so many familiar faces from the last show at Smith’s. Dulli promised to be back next year with Lanegan: “Next time, I’m bringing the Screaming Trees with me.”

While the main set was banter-free, the encore reveled in antectdotes and asides, including a beyond-the-grave greeting from General Sherman.

Yes, the band was great; but I was most impressed with the Atlanta crowd. It wasn’t a full room; but everyone there was singing along, moving, and all-round giving it up. Congrats, Atlanta. It was a fun time.

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