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Tour Starts Tonight

The first date in the spring ’04 Twilight Singers tour is tonight in Orlando.

Just found out that I’ll be at Sunday’s Atlanta show. Anyone who’s up for it, let’s meet at the bar downstairs.

Safe travels.

22 Responses to “Tour Starts Tonight”
  1. mark - mojopin says:

    the show was great
    set list :
    straneg fruit- nina simone yummy
    esta noche-
    teenage wristband-
    twilite kid-
    too tough-
    that bird sings-
    decatur st-
    annie mae-
    martin eden-
    hyberband- (for some reason everyone had the lyric sheet infront of them) is this a new song?? and my frined who came to the show has the lyrics sheet from the show.
    black is the color of my true loves hair

    that is what they played

    also on the set list were 7 more songs.. which they didnt play

    black love-
    the killer-

    aint nobody-
    somethin not-

    the show was great
    if any one wants me to scan a copy of the lyrics to that one song called “hyberballed” or scan the setlist .. i can make it happen

  2. Kyle Schorman says:

    Thanks for the post Mark. They didnt play any of the encore songs? I wonder why. I will be in Atlanta tonight so let me know what time people are meeting up. Hope to see a nice crowd for a Sun night.

  3. chunkymutt says:

    i was at the social last night.
    i really enjoyed what amounted to half a show.
    the band walked off the stage after an hour never to return. i don’t know if greg dulli didn’t hear enough clapping, but that was probably because we had to endure about two minutes of screeching guitar feedback after the band left the stage.

    the soundman or the roadie didn’t seem to give a shiite about it, letting it go on and on while they went about their business. the roadie continued to tinker about with everyone else’s amps and guitars in the meantime.

    so after the noise finally ended a lot of the crowd seemed a tad dazed by it. how can a crowd give their hosannas over that and directly after that?

    a few moments later after for the band to come back, the roadie flashed his maglite at the soundman and music came on it the house.
    was that the end of the show? only an hour? no encore? no three afghan whigs song encore? sadly no.

    the roadie started tearing down jon skivic’s pedals when jon came back on stage. the roadie then started resetting jon’s gear back up. then bobby mcintyre briefly appeared on stage talking to the roadie.

    then again the roadie starts tearing down the gear finally. almost all of the crowd just stood there kinda dazed watching all this.

    i thought it was a pretty good crowd. everyone around me was moving and swaying and dancing; and they yelling and clapping at each song’s end.

    who would have ever expected a greg dulli led show to last such a short amount of time when they obviously intended to play a longer set. i’ve seen some long dulli shows in my day. i was even at the infamous thanksgiving evening marathon whigs show in new orleans in 1997.

    not enough sunshine state love for ya, my dear?

    i’m obviously intrigued by the reasons for this truncated set.

    maybe someone in the know can clue me in.

  4. Twilight Feedback says:

    I was also at the Show in Orlando and was really impressed with what amounted to half a show. However, I ended up leaving with a bitter taste in my mouth when the show ended without an encore. I agree with chunkymutt that the crowd could not overpower the horrid feedback that followed their final song. I would have clapped if I was not covering my girlfriend’s ear since we were standing right in front of the main speakers. I really could not understand why it ended since the majority of the crowd remained and cheered even after the long feedback session. I guess that was the encore and I am paying for it since my ears are still ringing. I am so happy that I did not have to travel far for their only Florida date, since I would have been really pissed to travel for a show that ended so horribly. I hope there is a valid reason for the shows ending but I would have fired that horrible roadie who seemed to not care about the feedback.

  5. mycurse says:

    I was there, too, and enjoyed the hour Dulli and Co put in. I was one of those that traveled a bit to get to Orlando (from West Palm), so it was somewhat disheartening to drive 5+ hours round-trip to experience such a short set.

    Otherwise, the band was tight and Greg seemed to be ripping through the set with great urgency. I was surprised to never see them return for an encore. People hung in there for a long while, even chanting for an encore while the roadie starting packing the gear up.

    Hell, there were cheers for the feedback, too, so I just don’t get what caused Greg to cut the set short. People were singing, dancing, cheering, hollerin’…

    My view was blocked for most of the night by the roadie and sound tech, but I remember Greg having trouble with his first guitar (broken string?), and maybe that just set him off.

    It was still a very impressive performance, and I certainly am glad I went….I just wanted and anticipated a longer set.

  6. maddogwillie says:

    The Orlando show was only the second time I’ve seen Greg Dulli in concert. I was really looking forward to going because the first concert I saw him in was almost a life-altering experience. Unfortunately, last night’s show show was less than spectacular. As I recall, and from reports I’ve heard from other shows, he generally interacts with the crowd a lot more than he did last night. He didn’t say much and they just came on, played the set (well, half of it anyway), and left. After a while, when they didn’t come back out, I started wondering if maybe he just wasn’t feeling well or if he was having a really bad day. Even though it sucked that they quit so early, I figure everyone is entitled to have a bad day now and then and it’s unfair to expect perfection every time I see a band in concert. Additionally, the lack of cheering following their exit had to have played at least some role in the decision not to come back out. I agree that the two minutes of feedback sucked but that’s still no excuse for not showing the love. This is Greg Dulli we’re talking about here :o). Fortunately, I hear they’ll be playing New Orleans again in late April so I think I’ll be takin’ a road trip. Better luck to you folks in Georgia tonight. I hope, for his sake and yours, that if he was feeling bad last night for whatever reason, he’s better today.

  7. friendcatcher says:

    ok, here’s my take on the show in orlando last night. my girlfriend and i drove three and a half hours to get there and i was beyond excited. last time greg played in florida was 1994 and i couldnt make that show, so i’d never seen them play except for on live videos etc. we got there at 4.30pm and sat there until doors opened at 9pm hoping to say hello or something, which didn’t happen. we did get to hear them soundcheck for two hours and it sounded crystal clear outside. they kept rehearsing the bjork cover “hyperballad”, then played through “strange fruit”, “too tough to die”, “esta noche”, “teenage wristband”, “roses”, “something hot” and of all things “bad company”. when doors opened we got right up against the front of the stage and waited. their set was incredible and it felt great to finally be seeing the man after waiting for 10 years. i was singing to everything, even the new covers, and all the people around me seemed to be loving the show. they ended with “black is the colour..” and never returned. word was that the crowd wasnt cheering for them enough and that if we didnt want anymore, they weren’t going to play anymore, or something to that effect. i think the crowd certainly could have been a hell of a lot louder but after what seemed like an eternity of feedback, i think people were relieved that it (the feedback) had stopped and were awaiting the band’s return to the stage. i know a lot of people had seen the set list and maybe people just expected they’d be back out regardless? i don’t know, but my girlfriend and i cheered like crazy but to no avail. end of show. i have no complaints about the set we did get and after 10 years, i was just happy to be there but it would have been nice to have gotten the encores and a happier ending. at least i heard something hot and roses when they soundchecked. it makes me sad because they probably wont come back to florida again and there were a ton of people at the show that loved them, cheered for them and clapped their hands numb for an encore. i wish more people would have done the same.

  8. Rumplestilskin says:

    The Orlando show sucked. I’ve seen WAY better.

  9. seth says:

    Anyone meeting up before the show in Philly?

  10. jimmie says:

    I wasn’t there, but read all the posts. I really doubt they would leave on the not cheering enough. Did you read those European shows where they were not filled and played everything. It had to be the feedback, I am guessed. Why would the roadie be tearing apart the stage if it was cheering? I wish them the best of luck and hope they find out the feedback problem for this night and the other nights.

    I think the band are perfectionists and would not want to sound bad with feedback if it was hurting people’s ears. I guess they needed to just come out and say it was the feedback problem before taking off and not returning.

    How is the new bassist Sully?

  11. friendcatcher says:

    i’m pretty certain it wasn’t the feedback. i heard from more than one person, including band members that it was the lack of cheering etc. myself and the people around me were cheering, but the rest of the place was pretty laid back and quiet. the new bassist was great by the way.

  12. jimmie says:

    Did they have a van again and how was the opening band?…I think they have one.

    I So wish this not cheering stuff wasn’t true. Every crowd is different. Maybe, people need to scream their lungs out at the shows to disprove this no cheering theory to the band. If the band really left cause of no cheering, then that is just lame because people spent their money and showed up for a show. If they spent their money, then that means that they wanted to come even if they cheered or not.

    I don’t care if one person shows up or 1,000. Everyone deserves the same experience. Come On Guys…. Get the flow going. No Holds barred… Rip it up. Do your thing if they cheer or don’t, cause this tour is gonna be over in a blip….18 dates is not very many at all. Live it up, play it up, and give it up with or without cheering…

  13. Robin says:

    the people could have been in awe of the band and forgot to cheer?

  14. mark - mojopin says:

    duh — it was late when i posted.. but it took me this long ti figure out that hyperballad was a bjork son. heh

  15. g2 says:

    they’re the car. we’re gas. old lessoned still needs to be learned, i suppose. after a 10 year(?) absence, i’m suprised that florida was so indifferent…

  16. Emma says:

    i’m just jealous, i seen them in london and i’m obsessed with whigs/twilight singers – just watching kcrw as i type. i wish i could see them again, the london show was unreal – my friend went to see them four times around the country! Anyone who gets to see greg is ridiculously lucky!

  17. the don says:

    I’ll second that statement Emma….

    greatly looking foward to seeing them on the 13th.

    martin “the don” cologne

  18. Danny says:

    I saw them in nottingham and they totally blew my mind. Dulli is god. He smokes he drinks and yet he sings.

  19. Matthew Downs says:

    Wow. Let the bitching commence (yet again). Yawn…

  20. jamie says:

    I saw the whigs on the 1965 tour and they were amazing, this show in Orlando was such a letdown just because everybody down front could read the setlist and we were all anticipating a great encore. IMO, the roadie should be fired, he wandered around the stage like he had no idea what was going on for 30 minutes before they went on stage. He acted like he was scared to death or something. He would plug in a pedal and then check it at least 4 or 5 times. not to mention the intro music was coming on and he still hadn’t tuned the guitars or bass. that just pushed the show back further. Not to mention I think he could have done something about the feedback, it went on for at least 2 minutes. How long does it take to walk across the stage and turn the volume down on the guitar ???? Better luck to everybody in the ATL…

  21. lee says:

    Thanks to everyone for their comments. Atlanta was great, and we’re moving on.

    Encores are not a given. They are earned, by both the audience and the band.

  22. Joni says:

    I live in Atlanta & got to see the show tonight. Overall, it was a pretty good show but not as good as the one here a few months ago. My boyfriend recorded it via minidisc & it turned out pretty good! Anyway, I was wondering if you had the setlist.

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