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In a recent letter to the Twilight Singers M80 Team, Greg Dulli gave some more info on the upcoming Twilight Singers covers EP, titled “She Loves You.” The band is set to begin recording on March 11 and the EP is scheduled for a summer release date.

Strange Fruit (Billy Holiday)
Ain’t Nobody (Chaka Khan)
Too Tough to Die (Martina Topley-Bird)
A Love Supreme (Coltrane)
Please Stay (Marvin Gaye)
Cloudbusting (Kate Bush)
Real Love (Mary J Blige)
Summertime (Gershwin)

The band had previously recorded Cloudbusting during the post-Blackberry sessions. No word if the EP will feature a new recording of the track.

13 Responses to “Covers EP”
  1. Matthew Downs says:

    I think that TS might be covering Martina Topley-Bird’s song “Too Tough To Die” and not the Ramones song. Greg Dulli has been mentioning Topley-Bird’s album “Quixotic” (which is great) a lot over the past few months and he lists “Too Tough To Die” for inclusion on his Down and Dirty mix tape in that Maxim article…

  2. lee says:

    matthew, you are totally right. thanks for the reminder.

  3. jimmie says:

    which real love song version is it? mary j or the beatles that is on the ep? i wonder if it is the beatles instead? both songs are totally different.

  4. jimmie says:

    maybe it is the beatles version instead, because the ep is called she loves you which is a beatles song.

  5. lee says:

    it’s the mary j. song. backwards yankees caps and all.

  6. jimmie says:

    thanks lee. ya never know. there are so many songs with the same names. wonder if it will be like tlc’s creep. that song really rocks by the whigs. cool!

  7. jimmie says:

    did anyone notice that on the song ain’t nobody link on this site to the amazon album by chaka khan that her epiphany album has a song called papillion(aka hot butterfly). wonder if inspiration for dulli’s papillion was taken from chaka’s papillion?

  8. WolfTickets says:

    This is a good-lookin’ covers EP, all around. Dulli does have a penchant for picking the songs I never realized I wanted to hear him sing. Cases in point, “Real Love” and “Miss World.”

    As for “Summertime,” I have complete faith in
    our guy, but I find it hard to believe that anyone could ever hold a candle to Billy Stewart’s version of that nugget. Godspeed, good sir.

  9. cc says:

    i’m absolutely DYING to hear ‘ain’t nobody’…

  10. jeff says:

    cloud -BUSTING? I thought it was Bursting, like starburst candies… oh god. So ashamed.

  11. Lo Lo says:

    I hear Greg is doing the covers EP with Dave Hillis behind the board….is this true? I love the stuff they did on “1965”….I hope this is true.

  12. the monster speaks says:

    somehow i wound up with a copy of summertime downloaded from kazaa. i didn’t realize it was a track from an upcoming ep. i believe it’s even listed as a whigs track on the file. good stuff, nevertheless. i don’t know if this is an old recording, or what the deal is. it sounds pretty big time on the budget end of things, like it might have been recorded during the 1965 sessions and was intended for a b side to a single and never got released.

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