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More Tour Info

The Twilight Singers’ publicist has issued an updated press release concerning the March 2004 tour. Of note:

  • More West Coast Dates TBA
  • John Nooney will continue on as keyboardist

And the big news (emphasis mine):

the twilight singers have overhauled the set-list since their Fall ’03 tour and this time around the show will include some of cover versions that are slated for inclusion on the “she loves you” EP that the group are recording in March for a Summer ’04 release on One Little Indian. The live repertoire will also feature selections from the amber headlights album (the work-in-progress which Greg set aside to write and record ’03s blackberry belle), a couple whigs tracks Dulli says the group “wanna play before I die,” complementing the repertoire from the critically acclaimed blackberry belle album.

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15 Responses to “More Tour Info”
  1. Dude says:

    Hello, do you know if the Twilight Singers will be playing in DC again. I’d like to see them in Balt., but since it’s a week night I probably won’t be able to. Thanks.

  2. Wolf Tickets says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard all year.
    I’m planning another jaunt to the Chicago and Minneapolis shows; I’ve saved up my money and vacation time since last fall. I was going to go before this overhauled set list announcement, but this just sweetens the pie.

    And if anybody in the band is reading this, I noticed a glaring vacant date between Minnepaolis and Denver. How ’bout another visit to Omaha, just for old times’ sake? I do still owe you guys a tour of Council Bluffs.


  3. Musicgurl says:

    I have to say I am not happy that Twilight will not be hitting Texas or NOLA. WTF? Come on Dulli, you can’t leave us hanging like that.

  4. R. says:

    Yeah, I was hoping they’d be playing in DC again – they said the would. Baltimore is too far to go for a weeknight show…

  5. cc says:

    jeff, is that you??

    i’ll see you in chicago…

  6. naveen says:

    Has anyone seen a show at the Great American Music Hall? I know its general admin but I went for the dinner seats anyway. I figure if anything, it’ll give me a chance to get loaded before TS hits the stage.

    Can’t wait till we see you in SF. It’s a Saturday night so I hope to be partying afterwards.


  7. WolfTickets says:

    …and has anyone seen a show at the Fine Line in Mpls? From what I can cull from the website, it appears to be a fully tabled joint where waitstaff rush about during the set, blocking your view and limiting your drinking chances. Is there any standing room, or am I going to have to some chair dancing? Please advise.


    CC, is that Sneaky? Someone else?

  8. WolfTickets says:

    Oh, and Minneapolis tickets are on sale March 13th, according to my local TicketMaster representative.

    Oh, oh, and that’s “do some chair dancing,” not just “some chair dancing.”

  9. cc says:

    that’s me…

    trying not to hide anymore!


  10. WolfTickets says:

    Are there going to be meetup threads before the shows on this tour, or should we just say the Gingerman now and get it over with?

  11. lee says:

    i’m asking that people who would like to “host” a meetup (name the time, place) to contact me and i’ll post the info. threads will not be opened for meetups this time.


  12. cc says:

    gingerman it is! or just email me personally if you’d like to talk about it further…

  13. michael onofrey says:

    are these the final dates for the tour? please add a detroit stop.

  14. Juliana says:

    I noticed a free day in between NY and Columbus. Can’t you spoil us Clevelanders. Please?

  15. ~AM~ says:

    I see that John Nooney is staying on as keyboardist .. anyone know if there are any other musician changes for the Tour or are things kind of set as they were for the Euro tour?

    Thanks to the weather and work issues, I had to miss the Northampton gig :o(


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